2 Best Curly Irons from AliExpress You Must Buy

No matter when and where, the curly, messy and wavy hairstyles are always most popular among the trendy and stylish women. It’s not easy to get a perfect wavy hairstyle at home. You may go to find a stylist for it. But not every woman can afford the time or money.

#1 New Fashion Hair Styler – Ceramic Tapered Cone Curling Iron, $15.11 (on sale price)

best aliexpress curling iron

This is a new hair styler designed with a conical shape that s wide near the handle for loose curls and narrow at the bottom for a tighter shape. You can work with larger or smaller sections of hair to furth. Tapered hair heat pipe, applicable to all kinds of length of hair.

aliexpress curling iron reviews

Bad Point:

As for USA and Canada users, you may need a voltage converter since the voltage of this curling iron is 220V and common voltage in USA and Canada is 110V.

Where to buy: http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/R7ae6EeeY

#2 Professional Automatic Hair Roller with LCD Screen Temperature Display, $32.99

best aliexpress hair roller

This is a professional fully automatic curling iron. Many popular curl types are preset and users only need to press the button and then get the favorite curly style they like. Also users control temperature, time and curl direction to get loose waves, soft swirls, etc. It even reminds you when to release the curl can get best style.

aliexpress hair roller review

Good Point:

This hair roller is available in 3 colors (black, pink and gold) and 4 kinds of plug/adapter (EU, US, UK and AU).

Where to buy: http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/RfUz72JaU


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