3Thirty Hair Salon Review by CHM

We decided to take ourselves on a hunt to find London’s best natural hair salons and found out about the amazing 3Thirty Salon in Shoreditch. Led by Tiffany J and her team of hair stylists we were excited by Tiff’s story. Tiff is a young stylist who after years of working in other salons decided to brave it on her own and take the plunge, supported by an amazing network of her husband, family and friends Tiff launched 3Thirty.

On entering 3Thirty we were blown away by the décor, the great atmosphere, which was calm and we were welcomed by a very bubbly receptionist. Tiff is in the process of adding a café to the front of the salon, she realised that her clients came in with friends and family and had nowhere to sit, so she decided to provide them with a space they can get great cakes and coffee. –You really can’t beat that customer service!

Without going into too much detail about the hair process (watch the vids for that). We opted to straighten and trim our hair. Sandra and my hair types are pretty similar apart from the fact that I have limp 4c hair and Sandra has thicker and knotty 4c hair, very different from the lovely Christine.

Tiff was very gentle in the process; we didn’t feel any tug or pull when the hair was being straightened. Tiff used mainly Mizani thermo straight for the straightening process as it has chemical bonds that keep the hair protected from high heat making it easy for the hair to revert back after a simple wash.

 The results were good! Although I (Bose) realised how much I didn’t love my hair relaxed before transitioning, my hair was limp when straightened. Tiff added some volume to my hair with curls which which gave illusion of thickness.

I would I say I was a bit anxious and nervous when I saw all the smoke and heat on my hair. But what I did love was that when it was time for my hair to revert back, it reverted back beautifully and my hair felt extremely moisturised. We have all been there after a straightening process, our hair feels damaged but ours didn’t.

Tiff also gave me a great tip with a simple hair regime which I have been using on mine and my daughter’s hair for 4 weeks. My hair really feels great and the regime has given my normally dry and brittle hair life! Here are the secrets that Tiff shared with me:

  1. Pre poo – Use coconut oil to pre poo your hair before washing, if your hair does not agree with coconut oil then try olive oil it works just as great

  2. Shampoo – Find a good sulphate free shampoo and cleanse your hair. Hair growth can only happen with a clean and happy scalp

  3. Deep condition – Find a good deep conditioner and use it after washing!! Leave on for a while, dance around the house, do some cleaning – basically let it soak in.

  4. L.O.C – The L.O.C method can be used twice or three times a week to keep your moisture locked in. For those who don’t know L= liquid (I use water in a spray bottle), O= oil (I used olive oil) and C= cream (I use Cantu Shea leave in) I add Shea butter at the end, just for added effect and it works.

Make sure you find out more about Tiff and 3Thirty Salon and watch the videos we filmed to capture the experience.

Check out 3Thirty Salon here:

330 Old Street, Shoreditch, London, EC1V
Tel: 0207 033 1882
Email: info@3thirty.co.uk
Web: www.3thirty.co.uk

Article Credit: HELLOCHB

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