5 Things About Hair Weave You Must Know

Why I wrote this article? I want to help you to save money when buying human hair weaves / wigs online. So be sure to read it before placing your order.

1. It’s not smart to use a wig or weave on top of damaged or over-processed hair.

There’re many girls who are too busy to braid hair and cut out the perm. They always toss a wig on top even their thick locks were no match for the comb and clamps. Actually this way will destroy the patches of hair (specially around the edges) permanently.

2. Get good hair weave if you can afford the price.

The cheaper the weave/wig is, the worse it will treat your hair. It’s true you get what you pay for. If it’s blending with your natural hair, be aware of harsh tracks/combs/textures which can do more harm than good. Usually the higher the price tag is, the more kind they will do with your own hair.

3. Even a great weave has to come out eventually.

Sometimes when we splurge on a weave style that’s supposed to last “three to six months” we tell ourselves that no matter what, it has to because we budgeted for such (or it looks that good.) The trouble is, sometimes your hair is telling you that it needs a break and you have to be willing to forego the style for the safety of the hair your cherish underneath.

4. Weaves and wigs can put the most stress on your edges.

And, they can be the toughest sections of your hair to get back in good health. Treat them well, always.

5. Make your own decision and hold it.

There is nothing to be ashamed of rocking a hair cool that’s not your own. There’re some girls who’re always saying how good my natural hair is. It’s not your fault if your natural hair doesn’t achieve your needs and pursuit for being beautiful.

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