AliExpress GHD Hair Irons Review

Popular cheap hair iron brands on AliExpress:

GHD, Babyliss, Rowenta, etc

Every girl knows that a good hair iron may cost a lot since it can help to protect our hair from getting hurt when curling or straightening our hair.

AliExpress is well-known and popular for providing cheaper prices goods including GHD hair irons. Usually a GHD iron cost around $180 in a local normal shop, but can you pay less if shop from AliExpress?

aliexpress ghd hair irons

The answer is absolutely YES. But you should know that you may get a replica one. Normally we can’t buy original GHD hair irons from AliExpress. But sometimes we can buy original GHD hair irons with cheaper prices from second-selling people who wholesaled a lot from GHD with lower prices.

How can I find original GHD hair irons in AliExpress?

It’s not easy but also not very difficult to find an original GHD hair iron in AliExpress. You can use the words below:

Gold Iron Hair

Gold Hair Straightener Professional

Hair straightener gold

You’ll get a lot of GHD irons being shown in this picture:

aliexpress ghd hair iron

Also you may get other product pictures with less attractive expressions:

aliexpress ghd hair iron 1

aliexpress ghd hair iron 2

When you plan to buy a GHD hair iron from AliExpress, you should pay attention to these 3 points:

1. Number of sales, ratings and reviews

It’s always unwise to test out an unknown AliExpress product. Check the comments before ordering anything from AliExpress. It will help you to avoid unexpected money loss.

aliexpress review

You shouldn’t trust a product only with one or several sales, ratings and five stars since these positive feedbacks might be from the seller or seller’s friends.

It will be better if you pay more attention to the pictures shared by former buyers:

aliexpress picture review

2. Other curling and straightening hair iron brands

Besides GHD, there’re some other good hair irons on AliExpress like Babyliss, Rowenta and Braun. The point is Rowenta and Braun hair irons are barely available in AliExpress and most listed ones are replicas with original logos.

3. Babyliss Curl: Professional Hair Curlers

Babyliss is very good at hairdressing but maybe a bit expensive. However there’re many hair tool sellers on AliExpress that offer replicas of Babyliss’ more well known models like the Curl Secret or MiraCurl.

You can use these two words Titanium Curl and Pro Curl to find them. They usually cost $30 to $40.

When buying hair irons from AliExpress, be sure to ask the seller which kind of plug you need: European, American, etc

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