AliExpress Keratin Treatment Straightening Hair Products Review

Before you first reviewed cosmetic 🙂 here a long time I collected himself to buy a kit for keratin hair straightening. Never anything with them I did not do than drying and occasional straightening. With straightener only met my unruly bangs; ) So a little scared to buy a product with such strong action. Now I try to convince you it was worth it; )


aliexpress keratin treatment straightening hair review

I chose a set of brand PIES, which includes two bottles with 100ml: one with shampoo, conditioner and one with. Pay attention to the content of formaldehyde in their sets, as its concentration should be adjusted to the structure and type of hair. Seller is very much the auction of these cosmetics – the only difference is added to the package free of charge. In my towel was made of microfibre, folic cap and gloves.

I paid for a set of $ 10.80. Pack came after a month (the seller somewhat reluctant to dispatch). Shipment went NL Lent.

If so, as I’ve never farbowaliście, ścinaliście themselves or were planning hair – useful for you to help and an extra pair of hands. Unfortunately, I had to fend for herself, which quite significantly prolonged the whole procedure, but I gave cope 🙂 It is also important that you straighten conducted in a well-ventilated room or even at the open wide the window – the smell is terrible.
aliexpress keratin treatment straightening hair review 1

Now I will describe in turn each step of straightening:

1. Washing hair with shampoo attached to the kit.

Thoroughly wash your hair. The shampoo is very strongly cleansing the scalp and hair themselves from all impurities and tallow. Then they seem dull and rough to the touch, but the only way to evenly absorbed in not later keratin. I decided to double-washing, with very oily hair and three times it will be necessary. The shampoo has a chocolate scent.

2. Drying.

This is a very important step. The hair must be perfectly dry, every last strand.

3. Application of keratin.

Here begins the stairs;) 2/3 package (roughly, the amount you need to adjust individually to the density and length of your hair) squeeze into a small bowl. Then we put very thoroughly using a brush to separate, small strands of hair. It would be best to use a brush to apply paint, but in its absence can be used with a toothbrush. I was a little scared and I feel that I put on it a little bit too little – hair should be loaded up with conditioner. But keep in mind about keeping distance from the scalp. Nobody wants to get the effect zmokniętego after the dog;) Conditioner, like shampoo, smells like chocolate.

aliexpress keratin treatment straightening hair review 2

4. We are waiting 30min.

We assume cap supplied for 30 minutes and wait until well keratin penetrates the hair structure ( cap makes the hair at a higher temperature, open cuticle and cosmetic better penetrates the depths ).

5. Drying Part 2.

Before this step , increase ventilation or open a wider window. I had to dry in the mask , covering the nose and mouth. The stench is otherworldly , a scratch in the throat and can cause fine stream of tears. Then I took about a key mistake – very carefully combed hair with fine comb . I feel that through this combed part of keratin. Once again – the hair must be very carefully dried so as not to burn them straightener.

aliexpress keratin treatment straightening hair review 3

6. Straighten.

I think the key moment of the whole procedure – for insertion of keratin. It is important to straightener was heated to 230stopni . Exactly excreted small sections of hair and straighten them repeatedly . In the middle I realized what mistake I made performing the surgery itself – a second pair of hands would be invaluable ; ) attaches great importance to the slow moving straightener and nieomijania ends – I accelerated at the end of the band and now ( after a month ) ends slightly souls or . After straightening your hair smell like burnt chocolate. Steps 1-6 took me approx. 4 hours.

7. 48-72h hassle.

Or? For 2-3 days you can not wash , tie, knead , wear behind the ear , or do anything else with her hair . It is an extremely cumbersome , especially as it is not accustomed to still loose hair . If you notice wrinkles in the night or curl hair – straighten them again.

aliexpress keratin treatment straightening hair review 4

8. Desired washing .
After , ideally, 72 hours wash your hair. Remember, however , to use from now only shampoos do not contain SLS ( a strong detergent ) . It will not hurt your hair , but will make keratin much faster wash out and the effect will be short-lived.

I still have a little keratin shampoo , I plan to repeat the procedure in about two weeks , at the very ends 🙂

Recently I bought my first keratin hair straightening treatment on aliexpress . I gave it it a lot of thoughts but I risked and placed order . Now I ‘d like to convince you That that was a perfect decision ; )


aliexpress keratin treatment straightening hair review 5

In the package you: 100ml bottle of purifying shampoo, 100ml bottle of keratin treatment, little towel, cap and protective gloves.

It is very important to open the fan or window while doing keratin! The smell is terrible. I chose 5% formalin – you should pay attention to it and choose the most Suitable concentration of it for your hair.

There are only 8 steps to enjoy straight hair:

1. Wash your hair twice or three times with PIES Keratin Purifying Shampoo.
2. Blow your hair is 100% dry. It is very important!
3. Shake the bottle well and then pour the PIES Keratin Treatment into the bowl. Apply to hair with bruch it using small sections. Comb through every section until hair is completely saturated. You should wear gloves!
4. Place hair in cap and wait 30 minutes.
5. Blow your hair is 100% dry! Again- very important step. It will Prevent your hair from being burned.
6. Using a 450 deg F (230 deg C) flat iron, start at the nap of the neck, taking small sections. Slowly move the iron from root ends this 5-10 times. It will infuse the keratin treatment ito the hair shaft.
7. Wait 48-72h without washing your hair. Do not tie them up up, curl, etc. If they are a little bit curly after the night – use your iron again.
8. Was your hair with the SLS free shampoo.

Articile Source: dreamy’s blogspot (In Polish Language)

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