How to Apply a Lace Wig with Glue

Hi, my beauties, welcome back to my channel. So in today’s video I’m going to show you guys how I slay and lay this lace front short bob wig from Cexxy hair (store link: This particular wig right here changed my perception about short wigs because I don’t know why I always thought that short wigs look so weird on me. But this one proved me all wrong. The wig here is a Brazilian glueless front human hair bob wig in 10 inch, and this wig already comes with a bleached knot, which is a plus. So I don’t have to bother myself in that aspect. It comes with four combs, one in the front, one at the back, and two by the side.

Also this company deals with all types of virgin human hair from your wigs to your bundles, your frontals, closure and I received three straight hair bundles and a closure from them, which I absolutely love. I will leave all info of Cexxy hair in my description box. So do try and check them out.

Alright, so since this company has already done almost the primary things like bleach for us. I’ll go right ahead and show you guys how I lay my lace front bob wig. So I have my hair cornrowed already, and this helps the wig be very flat, and over here, I’m just going to use a makeup remover to remove any oil or makeup from my hairline, as this will make the glue and whatever we do stay put.

Okay, I’m going to go in with my handy glue gel and use it to slip back my baby hair. I love to get them out of the way and then go in and apply a wig cap. While putting on my wig I always try to focus where exactly I want the pattern positioned, and then apply it right there. So now I’m going to go ahead and lift the front of my wig to get it out of my way. And then I will go on and apply the glue we used early on my hairline. You want to apply the gel based on how long you want to have the wig on. This can last you for about three to five days. But because I don’t want a very strong hold, I’ll apply it sparingly. And then go ahead and blow-dry on cool after a few seconds. I’ll go ahead and apply some of the spray on cool dry again.

You have to feel the glue to make sure it’s backing off, and then I’ll pull the wig down making sure it’s well placed on the glue. I will use my fingers to press lightly and then go in with a headband. Or you can use this path and tie around your hairline for about 10 minutes. And this will ensure the wig is well pressed down onto the glue and also helps the glue drying process.

Once 10 minutes is expired, I’ll go right ahead and remove the band , and the wig is properly secured for days like I promised you guys. Your wig is going nowhere. And after that I’ll go in and create some baby hair for my wig cap, also apply some of the glue on the baby hair. I’ll repeat the same process we just did, and leave it on for about 3-5 minutes.

I’ll quickly fix my makeup that was taken off with the band, and then go ahead, and comb, and also flat iron my wig. And with this wig I realized one side is actually shorter than the other which I absolutely love. It gives you that perfect bob look.

I decided to put the longer part behind my right ear, and also leave the small piece in front of my ear. And I wanted to cut this part but decided not to since I won’t only be wearing this wig in a side part. I’ll go right ahead, and define my pattern with a concealer.

This is exactly how I lay my bob wig and I hope you all enjoyed this video, and please don’t forget to check out my description box for Cexxy Hair (store link: info. And I’ll see you all very soon. Bye~

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