Best AliExpress Hair Vendors

(Updated on 1 Jul, 2017)

Everyday I browse popular hair forums, hair blogs, Instagram hair guru’s new posts, Youtube hair review videos for finding best quality AliExpress hair weaves & wigs with positive feedbacks by REAL PICS. I also visited some big hair factories in China for finding the real truth of human hair extensions & wigs that are usually unknown to we hair buyers.

Among all, I love Youtube most since it’s most useful to help to decide if the Aliexpress hair vendor I’m considering is reliable or not. Everyday I browse unlimited Youtube hair video reviews  and check most popular AliExpress hair products’  latest customer feedbacks (positive or negative). I wrote this post to help girls can buy quality hair extensions & wigs from highest-ranking reliable Top AliExpress vendors easily. Check to see if there’re some good vendors you still don’t know now.

I divide all these popular AliExpress hair vendors into 3 kinds: A-List, Rising Stars & Tested Hair Sellers. A-List AliExpress hair vendors means the highest-ranking AliExpress hair stores that have been built for years, got many many positive customer reviews and you can easily find information about them everywhere. Rising Stars of Best AliExpress Hair Sellers List refer to the stores that have been built not very long but develops very quickly for its quality and budget hair extensions. Tested Hair Sellers refer to the stores that have been suggested and tested by girls who had sent their hair reviews and feedback to me by email or leaving a comment. If you have some other good hair vendors not included in the below list to recommend, do not hesitateto  leave a comment below or send an email to me via Sharing is always caring.

guangzhou new star virgin hair reviews

Rules that we should keep in mind all the time:

  1. A good AliExpress hair vendor never changes its name. (AliExpress hair vendors that change their names without any reasons such as NO LONGER selling hair or received too many NEGATIVE reviews will be removed from the following list.)
  2. If you want to share your AliExpress hair shopping experiences especially bad ones with other girls, you’d better explain the details along with pictures since I found some hair vendors are slandering their competitors recently through commenting. (To all AliExpress hair vendors: Please FOLLOW the good business rules consciously.)

A-List AliExpress Hair Vendors (BEST RECOMMENDED)

(Store Name, Feedback Level, Start Time, Shop Link)

Good AliExpress Hair Sellers ( Rising Stars)

(Store Name, Feedback Leve, Shop Link)

Tested OK AliExpress Hair Sellers

(Store Name, Feedback Leve, Shop Link)


You can find many types of human hair extensions & wigs on AliExpress with good quality and very budget prices, including Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian, etc. AliExpress Hair Sellers

Among all these human hair extensions & wigs, Brazilian and Peruvian sell best. AliExpress Hair Sellers

Keywords we often use to search AliExpress hair reviews online:

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AliExpress Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair sells best on AliExpress for its super good hair quality. You can use Brazilian hair extensions to apply any hairstyles you like. It can bring you a very natural hair look.

AliExpress Queen Hair

When we say AliExpress queen hair, we often mean the AliExpress hair sellers with Queen in their store names, like Ali Queen, Queen Hair Products, Sunny Queen, Summer Queen, etc. These AliExpress hair sellers are very popular since they sell quality hair items with very budget prices.

If you pay extra attention, you can find that many AliExpress hair sellers like to add QUEEN in there hair extensions’ product titles. Even some other kinds of AliExpress sellers like bags or shoes also add Queen Hair into their products name for attracting new customers.

AliExpress Virgin Hair

AliExpress virgin hair are natural hair without human processing. Girls like shopping virgin hair extensions from AliExpress for more natural hair quality and easy-to-style feature. AliExpress Hair Sellers

AliExpress Weave

AliExpress hair weave sells very well since all girls like good-looking hair lock or black natural straight hair. Hair weave is easy to apply and care for.

AliExpress Peruvian Hair

AliExpress Peruvian hair are very professional, their hair is with very high hair quality and super popular in the hair market.

AliExpress Wigs

Besides AliExpress human hair extensions, girl also like shopping human hair wigs with latest hair color trends and hairstyles, long or short. By compared to hair extensions, wigs are very easy to apply. Even without any hair technique, you just wear it like a cap.

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  • Ora Barton

    Hey I wanted to know what vendor is that on the last picture posted by LaTeisha Thurman. I really like that hair.

    • Helen

      Guangzhou New Star Hair

      • Hi, I wanted to know if you know of Guangzhou sexy lady company Ltd?…was curious about company and if all require western union because that not a safe way to make business orders. Plus I would like to avoid a scam but get a good product and price.

        • Helen

          Sorry I don’t know this company and can’t give my opinion. But based on my own personal experience, if it’s a store on AliExperss, all orders and items should be paid through AliExpress payment system, not Western Union.

      • Kaila

        I was wondering, is Finix Hair Co. Ltd a good hair company?

        • Helen

          Sorry I can’t reply you since I never heard about it before. After your mention, I checked its AliExpress store, it seems to be a very new hair store with only several feedback. If you or your friends purchased from it, welcome to share the reviews on my blog. Have a nice day.

    • LaLa

      Funny you asked that question I’m LaTeisha Thurman I know this is old but I wrote that review back in 2013 for New Star and they took it and placed it on some girls picture. That’s my comment and another girls photo smh I mentioned the false advertisment to them a few years back of course they didn’t reply but these companies will do anything to sell their bundles. New Star did have really good hair back then they were the first company I tried but I’ve since moved on to Ali Queen they’re my staple Aliexpress company, they have even better quality hair but both are pretty good.

  • Olga

    I am not that sure about some stores in the list.
    For exemple, for Ruiyu Hair, the website Alieexpress shows a lot of command, but half of it was returned product.
    Scary !
    Good vendors are hard to find, especially when no one wants to share its own!
    But I will find it 🙂 Thanks for sharing whatever.

    • Helen

      This is why I spent most of time on browsing and finding real customer reviews. I also went to some stores in person, like New Star. Later I will make a post about it.

    • Helen

      Sharing is caring. Why not share? If you share, I share, then many girls will share. We can help each other to avoid scam and bad shopping experience. It’s such a good thing! ^_~

      • Olga

        Sorry i’m not a native speaker (I’m french) there is nothing wrong in sharing of course, it helps customers ! 🙂

  • Cillaa

    Hey I wanted to buy dyed virgin hair (99J to be exact) and I wanted to know which vendor sells it? A really good vendor to be exact as well, lol, and if you can comment the link below. please and thank you 🙂

    -Greatly appreciated,

  • brit

    Which hair company is the girl with the straight hair farthest to the right wearing?

    • Helen

      Guangzhou New Star Hair

  • hi i was wondering if AISI 6A Grade Hair Store was a legit store. i saw a deal that I am interested in but nervous because i only saw two orders underneath and no feedback

  • Shamika Dray

    Hi, thanks much for the recommendations. I wanted to ask you what are some ways of knowing that virgin hair is good by looking and touching the hair? or is it true that the only way to find out that the hair is good is by coloring it? I’m sooo scared of buying hair lol because I’m wondering what if a vendor that is good suddenly turns bad but w/e lol I’ll just take my chances with you because Ali express website is too confusing. One thing that I’ve noticed about a lot of girls in Miami is that(cause that where I’m from) is that they so damn selfish they wont share who has good hair.

    • Helen

      Hi Shamika, thanks for your comment. Some other girls have emailed me about the same question. I will make a special post on this subject later. I will send the link to you after writing. Keep continual attention to my blog. Thanks again.

  • chanellechante

    Hi, I wanted to buy malaysian or peruvian water wave virgin hair but cannot find a vendor on your first list that sells it, can you help me out?

    Its my first time ordering from aliexpress and have heard mixed reviews would hate to order bad quality hair.

  • Whatever you do, stay away from Tsingtaohair. Pretty pictures and slick advertising but crap hair even in their premium virgin hair “best quality”. Spent $249 on peruvian virgin hair that was absolute junk.

    • nicola

      Hi, thank for all the information you’ve share with us, which save us from wasting money and been scam from some of these vendor. I am a hairdresser, i have searching for a good vendor on aliexpress, to buy good quality hair to sell to my clients. what vendor do you think is best and reliable.because i sant to order alot .thank you

      • Helen

        You cab try the A-list ones. Since you want to order a lot, I suggest you contact all of them for samples before buying. Also the price should be competitive.

  • Tanesha

    What shampoo and conditioner should I use in my hair ?

    • Helen

      It depends on your own hair type, such as dry or oil, wavy or straight, kinky curly or natural water wave.

  • cords

    What about cexxy hair?? i think that has quite a few really good reviews, i was thinking about buying some. queen has great reviews too but i feel like lately its been a hit or miss

    • Helen

      From its customer feedback, I agree with you.

  • Klovie

    Hi! I wanted to leave a vendor review! I’ve ordered from Guangzhou Ali Queen Hair products 2 times and absolutely loved the hair. I ordered Brazilian deep wave and it’s beautiful. The hair came fast, no smell, beautiful texture & only your minimal curly hair shedding. The bundles seem small but with curly hair you truly do need 3-4 for volume. It doesn’t get matted and only requires your typical curly hair routine to maintain it. I’m posting this review bc I got fed up with ordering from middlemen sellers when clearly the hair was coming from same place. After doing a ton of research including hair site reviews, viewing YouTube videos and reviewing the vendors feedback, I placed my order! I know how time consuming and expensive it is to explore hair options and hope this makes it easier!

    • Helen

      Thanks Klovie. We girls all appreciated your sincere review. Really hope more girls can join us tomorrow.

  • Gia

    Thank you for this post! I noticed a lot of these vendors are for extensions, but what I’m looking for is a vendor that does full lace wigs, with custom colours/ombre effects. I’ve ordered some wigs off of ali, only 2 out of 5 have worked out. So I’m looking for a good vendor who has a lot of colours to choose from, or even a vendor that can take a picture of the hair you want and create it. Do they exist?

    • Helen

      Big hair vendors may do custom orders since they have their own factories or has very good relationship with the factories. But I don’t know if they accept small order with 1 or 2 pieces. You can try to contact them telling your needs. Hope my suggestion can help u.

  • mesha

    Do you know anything about Acme Hair? If so are they any good?

    • Helen

      Haha, it’s my first time to know it through you. It seems there is nothing in the store.

      • mesha

        Oooh WOW… Thanx for the reply it seems after looking through their fine print they changed names a few times.. Nonetheless for saving me the problems

    • Chanelle

      Acme hair on Instagram is actually amazing. I sell hair and they were my first vendor! The only reason I changed is because I found same quality with cheaper prices!

  • korri

    Hi there,

    I’m looking for a good vendor to buy Mongolian Kinky Curly hair from, but many on your top list don’t sell it. Do you know who might be the most reputable?


  • Timekha

    I was wondering which store you have listed is the best with Mon shedding or getting tangled up because I wanna wear something for school that starts in September and I wanna dye the hair I’m just wondering do you know any good weave that you listed is really great and not a scam or fake ?

    • Helen

      There is no best saying since these hair stores are different in featured product kinds. You can try new star or luxy. My best friend Lily just got a straight 22inch natural black from it and looked good.

      • Timekha

        Thank you so much because I seen reviews on here and i don’t know if there lying or not

  • Glemz

    Hi, I wondering if could suggest vendors that sell different ombre coloured hair.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Kate

    I want to know if anyone could give me a great vendor to purchase Cambodian or Brazilian body wave . I’m tired of paying $300 for hair and I know I can get it cheaper. Please share great vendors. Thanks in advance.

    • Helen

      You can check the A-list hair vendors. From my knowing, Queen Hair or New Star may be a good choice for you.

  • Britney

    A lot of times when I got to the vendors on Aliexpress, when they describe their hair its sometimes the name of other vendors on aliexpress. Are they getting their hair from them or what is that? See example here:

    • Helen

      The only purpose they described this way is to gain more traffic and visitors.

  • Hey I wanted to know what vendor has the best Virgin Wet and Wavy hair plz send me the link

    • Helen

      It’s hard to label which is the best. Even the best hair vendor maybe also provides one or two bad hair products with very poor quality. You can read the buyer reviews of each detailed virgin hair you want to buy carefully. They can help you.

  • Hmmm I wonder if Luvin hair is okay… for the wet and wavy

    • Helen

      From its current buyer reviews, it has some wet and wavy hair items that sell well and with very high-level positive feedback.

  • Janeen
    • Helen

      Yes. Its positive feedback level is higher than most hair vendors with same shop level.

  • Temmy

    Kiss queen hair and Ali moda have really bad hair

    • Helen

      Can you share your shopping experiences of these two hair vendors in details? If true and with evidence, I will make a post with your provided content and publish on my blog.

      • Temmy

        The hair got matted in two weeks. Tangled terribly and was hard and frizzy. Kiss queen hair put on their feedback saying they had refunded me but hadn’t. Spoken to them a few times and they just lie saying it’s coming. It’s been 7 months now. And it’s happened to others

      • Temmy

        I have pictures I can send you

  • Alexis

    I want to get a big supply from a big company how can I get there contact,all am seeing is just this vendors,I want to make my own product but am scared because am seeing too much scams on line……

    • Helen

      Then you need to visit the real hair factories in China by yourself. Many vendors you can find through Google are retailers instead of direct factories.

  • A.b

    How can I contact a big company I need a big supply.helen please I need to know the right company to buy from.

    • Helen

      You can check the hair factories on Alibaba that have been built for several years. If possible, I suggest you visit their factories in China before cooperating.

  • Nikayla

    I’ve been here before about another vendor, Finix Hair Company. The hair was good, although it did not last that long. But, i have a question about Elegance Hair Company. Do you have any reviews on them?

    • Helen

      Thanks for the suggestion. I will check the 2 vendors you mentioned and share reviews about them later.

  • jgh

    Hi which one would u recommend for deep wave from the rising stars collection?

    • Helen

      I suggest you focus more on detailed deep wave items instead of which one hair vendor.

  • Destiny Williams

    How about grace hair ?

    • Helen

      A normal hair store with its feature products and develops not very slowly.

  • Caroline

    Do not get hair from kiss queen hair!!! It’s horrible and a fraud

    • Helen

      My email is If you like, you can send your experience to me. I will post it on my blog if it’s true and I think it may help other hair buyers.

  • Temmy

    The hair got matted in two weeks. Tangled terribly and was hard and frizzy. Kiss queen hair put on their feedback saying they had refunded me but hadn’t. Spoken to them a few times and they just lie saying it’s coming. It’s been 7 months now. And it’s happened to others

    • Helen

      Hi, Temmy. It seems you use Caroline and Tammy 2 different names to post reviews about Kiss Queen hair company. I got a little confused. If you like, you can send your experience to me. I will post it on my blog if it’s true and I think it may help other hair buyers.

  • Reginate

    Hey please help. I want to start selling hair. So I’m looking for a cheap vendor with good quality hair and good services so probably one of the rising stars. Please help I already have some customers interested and really want to start.

    • Helen

      Just remember that you always get what you pay for. If you want cheaper prices, the best and most direct way is to find a factory who sells hair to retailers directly.

    • Blige

      Hi Reginate,

      Did you find a good vendor ? I’m also looking to sale hair …

  • Diana

    I bought hair from Rosa hair company last year,, 3 bundles of brasilian curly hair,, the hair was very veeery dry,, I had to trem the ends of it .. Also, it got lice? It was a bad experience.. I’m really wondering why this company is in your A-list??

    • Helen

      There is no one hair vendor on AliExpress that’s perfect. I divide them based on their general positive reviews. For example, if 5+ readers during 1-2 weeks who have bad experiences with Rosa hair, if they send me detailed pictures and are proved true, I will remove Rosa hair company then.

    • Kim

      Wait? It got lice? Did you wash it before you used it? that is disgusting, I was just about to buy that hair.

  • cece

    Has anybody heard of the vendor Jiaozhou Platinum Hair Products ? If so can any of you tell me if they are a good vendor for wigs specifically ? Any scams happen with them ? Etc…

  • Leni

    Real love hair on aliexpress cheated me. how do i resolve this as i have been trying to reach them but i get no reply.they send me fake hair and i asked them to give me a refund or new better hair they their number.please help

    • Helen

      Have you contacted AliExpress customer service? They can help you to get your money back. Or the most cruel and direct way is to leave your real bad shopping experience with pictures on feedback. When the seller saw your bad feedback, they may contact you very soon.

      • kishana

        yes i have the same problem they are not replying to me i contacted my bank to get my money back

  • Ivy

    How many bundles does Lateisha have in and length?

    • LaLa

      if you read my comment above I mentioned that is not me in the photo just my feedback underneath the photo they took my feedback and placed it on another girls picture that probably is not even new star hair lol but like I said they did have pretty good hair back then.

    • LaLa

      But if that is their hair it looks to be about 26-28 inches and for those lengths you should def get 4 bundles. New star didn’t disappoint thier bundles were good just small.

  • Rehat Brar

    Thank for the detailed write up.. Helps a lot. I have a question for you.
    I’m from India, get limited hair extensions here, so I ordered a sample set and when I curl it, using my ghd tong, it has a slight smell like that of ammonia but doesn’t burn and seems like a good quality.
    Is that normal?

    • Helen

      It depends. But like our own hair, will you get a smell, no matter slight or heavy.

  • Linette K

    Slove Hair is not a good company. They made an error on my order and have given me several different reasons why I should not or will not get my money back even though I’m trying to return the item. It is not worth the hassle – there are equally well-priced and good quality hair products available.
    Save yourself a customer service nightmare and shop somewhere else. I’ve heard great things about other vendors really stepping up to assist their customers not trying to intimidate or deter them from asking questions.

    • Helen

      To tell the truth, Slove Hair will pay a higher price than you since they will not only lose some return customers including you but also feedback level.

  • I wanted to know if sexy lady hair was a good company I ordered some Cambodian straight from them and wanted to know was it a good quality

  • Destiny

    When will you update this page again ? Bcause some of the A-List vendors have dropped

    • Helen

      I updated it on February end since I got pregnant and don’t have enough energy and time to update it everyday. Hope you girls can understand me.

      • Destiny

        Of course we understand I love your website btw and How good would you rate Longqi hair I’m scared because it’s amazingly cheap

  • Destiny

    Of course we understand I love your website btw and How good would you rate Longqi hair I’m scared because it’s amazingly cheap

    • Helen

      Every time when vendors lowed down their products price, they will also reduce the hair amount or quality relatively. Or the hair bundles with much lower prices may be old stock. There’re also some other situations like that vendors want to boost their feedback level to beat their competitors.

  • Tammie

    Hi, I am in search for a vendor called Xin Shun Yuan Jewelry or Qingdao Xin Shun Yuan Jewelry. Have you heard of this vendor? If you are able to locate them, can you provide a link to their store?

  • Angee

    I have been buying from Aliexpress a month now and almost every single time my hair dresser complains that the hair is no good. I know my hair dresser buys hair from China but of course won’t say from where. I’ve tried from Cexxy to new star to dooz . To wig wods and she complain about them all. I trying to find a reliable vendor. I can travel out of country but need something that is not a hit or miss but truly gold.

    • Destiny

      For One Your Hair Dresser Is Probably Saying It’s Bad So You Can Purchase From Her And You Should Try Luxy Hair Company

  • Destiny

    Should I Order From New Star Hair ?

  • Genesis

    Hey so I ordered 4 bundles and a lace closure from Ali Moda almost 3 months ago. The hair looked wonderful at first. It was silky, no tangles, no bad smell and only had a few strands shed right after the instal. I conditioned the hair when i got it and have deep conditioned it many times since I have had it in. I was going to reinstall this hair, but it is a mess now. I get clumps of hair fall out when i brush it everyday. All of the ends are split. No matter how well i treat the hair, it just keeps getting worse. I am most disappointed in the fact that I loved the hair so much and was planning to reinstall, but now I am stuck trying to find a new vendor. I got the loose wave in 18,20,22,24 with a 16in 3-part closure. None of this hair can be used again and they really let me down. I am not sure how to add pictures here, but if someone tells me how to I would be glad to show them.

    • Hi Genesis, if you like, you can write a review with picture and send the final draft to me. I will help to publish on my blog. My email is

    • Punky Brewster

      your not supposed to brush the hair @ all, when u comb it, it supposed to b done with a wide tooh comb from the bottom up!…sounds like u put more then a little wear & tear on it

  • stephanei

    I bought hair from Grace Hair in 2015 4 bundles-22,24,26,28 hair was absolutely gorgeous!! It was very full and blended amazing. people couldn’t tell the difference between my hair and the extensions. Last me about 6 months. I went swimming and it gradually became matted beyond repair. I recently purchased again a couple months ago, TERRIBLE!!! the hair was thin! where I could pass using 4 bundles before, I now had to use 6. Hair was seriously matted after 3 weeks of wear! I was so disappointed. I also bought from bowin hair, they were the first company I ordered from on Aliexpress. It was definitely a step up from beauty supply store hair. It was good and blended very well. It lasted quite a long time. I bleached and dyed the hair on two separate occasions. I bough two bundles a could months ago and they sent me babydoll hair!!! that thing matted up soooooooooo badly at the roots, which would cause the hair to stick up and would have me walking around looking like sideshow bob!! at this point I’ve spent so much money on bad hair and my Go-to’s have now become run-away from’s. Someone help!!!

  • Erica

    I’m looking for the vendor with the best human hair full lace wig

  • kishana

    real love hair products is terrible hair
    ive had hair hair for barely three weeks and its tangles shedding and matted like cheap fake hair. I deep conditioned the hair and treated it like my own detangle it with a wide tooth comb and nothing within two seconds its back to the matted and tangled state.

  • Breeah

    Hello I don’t see much reviews on deep wave frontals , I need a deep wave frontal to match bundles I have anyone have suggestions ?

  • Destiny

    Which vendor has the best deep wave hair I’ve been ordering from Luxy and it’s good but I only bought their straight hair

  • Tracy

    Lonqi Hair is horrible please ladies do not buy that hair. The person I kept in contact with David tried to refund me only $10 after spending over $300 and after I had refused that offer he stopped replying to my messages.

  • tajah

    hello I was wondering could you assist me in finding a affordable vendor with good deep wave Brazilian hair thank you

  • Dasha

    Hi everyone I am looking to sell virgin Indian,Brazilian,Malaysian,Cambodian etc. including the shortest to longest inches (8″-40″) with closures,lace frontals,silk base,lace frontal wigs and easy to color,no shedding or tangling! Rich,Silky,Fine hair 6A+ with all textures such as bone straight, body wave,deep wave and kinky curly. Email me at

  • Kayla

    hey girls,
    I want to get hair extensions with Ali express and the article has helped a great deal. But I am a little puzzled about if the hair is real human hair cut off human heads. I personally want the best quality of hair weaves but I don’t want real human hair. I wanted to know if those hair are called human because they are very close to human texture hair or if they are really human hair

    • mychinesehairextentions

      Most hair is remy human hair ,virgin hair bundle price is almost 2-3 times of remy human hair .Most customers buy remy human hair ,good quality reasonable price .Remy human hair curticle from root to tip is in the same direction ,this process is done by person ,On the contrary ,virgin hair curticle from roo to tip is in the same direction naturally .Virgin hair bundles are cut directly from donors ,so it is very preciosus ,using longer time than remy human hair ,a price match a quality .Which hair you should choose ? that depends on your target customers price level .More information kindly feel free to contact my whatsapp :+86 13828726826 or email .

  • Lyn

    China human hair company, whatsapp: 008613580571646

  • Milissa

    How about Asteria Hair Company?

  • Linda Adu

    Panse Hair Products and a Wonder Hair Products are very bad hair. Within a week the hair matted. It’s definitely not virgin hair. It’s synthetic. Do not buy from either one.

  • Alva Sugar

    Hey, it seems that you listing the vendor by the feedback scores they got, it’s not accurate. Currently aliexpress has define the quality by virgin/remy/non remy three quality, we should check out the quality by the material.

  • Monai Wilson

    Does the hair only come in one color? How do you choose hair colors on Aliexpress? It just says natural color.