Best AliExpress Synthetic Wig Vendors

Most AliExpress synthetic hair vendors mainly sell hair extensions along with a few wigs together. To satisfy girls who often need new hairstyled wigs, here is a list where you can find reliable AliExpress synthetic hair vendors who mainly sell various styles of wigs along with a few hair extensions.

No.1 Yiwu Orissi Wigs Co:;Ltd

yiwu orissi wigs company

Yiwu Orissi wigs company launched on AliExpress on November 2012. It has gained 3,097 feedback score till now and 92% of them are positive.

From Orissi’s current customer reviews, some girls met color mismatch problems. When shopping, I suggest you read the detailed feedback before placing orders.

Yiwu Orissi wigs company store address:

No.2 weiwei liu’s store

weiwei liu wig store

weiwei liu’s store’s feedback score is 4691 (95.5% positive). It’s built earlier than Yiwu Orissi wigs company on March 2012. From its onselling wig proucts, it prefers to African American women’s daily wig needs better.

weiwei liu’s store address:

No.3 VegasWIGS

aliexpress vegaswigs review

VegasWigs is currently aimed at providing long ombre or rainbow wigs now. It’s new and only with however its positive feedback rate is 98%.

VegasWIGS store address:

Other AliExpress Synthetic Wig Vendors You Should Check:

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