Best Way to Stop Hair Loss (Verified by BlackHairClub)

This way to stop hair loss is the only effective way I found all these years. It’s made by Chinese superstar, Bingbing Fan. I already tested it and it’s really useful and effective. The only thing you need to consider is the time you need to spend. It may take half an hour to wash your hair every time.

In simple terms, is hair conditioner – Shampoo – conditioner (mask).

Let’s look at the shampoo.

Dry hair and hair conditioner (10 minutes). Start washing your hair. First wash the scalp, rub the shampoo on the palm of your palm (massage the scalp with the fingers). Wash your hair (not to rub, press or pinch).

– Wash Shampoo – conditioner smear (massage five or six minutes) – coated film (15 minutes away) – wash your hair with a towel and squeeze dry (do not rub) – hair water, hair oil, hair blowing Tu (hot air as far away from the hair) – blow dry hair – hair oil coated.

Bing Bing also friendship to remind you, do not wash your hair too frequently.

Here is the tested result from BlackHairClub:

Here’re the tested results from our readers:

Fan Bingbing this way can really save the hair care? Tao Chengjun, the chief physician of the Department of Dermatology, Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital, introduced how to wash hair scientifically.

Dr. Tao Chengjun looked over Fan Bingbing’s personal care method, this call is too complex, “I basically positive opinions, if you have time, of course, can do. But the steps are too complicated, and I believe a lot of people can’t do it. ”

He believes that Fan Bingbing basically thorough hair, especially for thick hair conditioner. Hair is alive, need water, amino acids, trace elements of the nutrition supplement, “how to make the hair better absorption of nutrition, there is a lot of knowledge. This is also the cause of all kinds of hair conditioner. ”

If with poor nutrition, the hair will become dry, split ends, tip off, not only the appearance of hair is not good, will therefore reduce. So, hair care is done well, and it does improve hair loss to a certain extent.

But from a medical point of view, the main causes of hair loss or grease secretion, which is also known as “seborrheic alopecia”, this and in vivo androgen secretion increased, accounting for about 70% of all hair loss, 25% is caused by emotional stress, 5% other reasons. If the level of androgen is not too high and the scalp oil is exsecreted, it is still difficult to get rid of the plaguing of seborrheic hair loss.

He said that hair shampoo is the two concept, “the shampoo is mainly to remove grease, dirt, and keep the hair clean. Hair care is to keep the stocking hair lustrous. Therefore, this method has its merits, but it is more important for the patients with seborrheic hair loss to get a correct shampoo, and also to cooperate with other methods. ”

So if you want to keep your black hair healthy and thick all the time, try the method from now!

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