How to Clip In Hair Extensions on Short Hair

Hey guys thank you so much for watching. So for today’s video I’m going to do a review and demo on my clip in hair extensions (click here to see quality clip in hair extensions with affordable prices) by Irresistible Me. These are the Royal jet black and number one. They are 22 inches long in 200 grams. You can’t see but they’re like super long. They’re pretty much almost down to waist. As most of you know, if you have been with me for over a year or if you follow me on snapchat, I am basically growing out my pixie cut. So what I love about these hair extensions is that they’re very very thick. My hair is very curly so I need hair extensions that are either going to match my hair in texture or in volume. 200 grams is a lot of hair if you’re experienced with hair extensions.

You might be familiar with the hair extensions from Sally’s. Those were my first pair like 10 years ago and they were so thin. I think they probably are maybe around 140 grams. So just give you an idea of how much hair this is.

They come with 10 clips. Today I’m only wearing eight. I don’t need the extra clips. They also come with this very thick weft that is actually sold by itself. So if you already have long hair and you’re just looking for a little bit of volume, that might be the way to go for you. They do have minor shedding just like any hair extensions even here that comes out of your head sheds. So that’s not a problem for me. I have worn them for a couple of weeks. Now I have curled them, I washed them, I brushed them every day and I also cut them which brings me to my next point. If you have very short hair and you’re investing the money in a pair of hair extensions. You have to go get them cut. You have to there is no way the short hair that comes out of your head is going to blend absolutely 100% well with hair that’’s like down to your waist. You do have to bring in some layering especially in the areas that frame your face that is just going to make it look a lot more natural.

The extensions I’m wearing are by Irresistible Me, but I am no longer associated with the company due to consumer claims. You can use whatever human hair extensions (click here to see quality human hair extensions with affordable prices) you have available for your short hair. Now let’s check the video below to get the tutorial step by step:

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