Good AliExpress Hair Vendors with US Local Warehouses

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To shorten delivery time and provide buyers better service, many AliExpress hair vendors have built their local warehouses in United States. American hair buyers can receive their package only within 1-3 days if choosing ship from United States. I have made a general research and selected the good ones with America local warehouses for you. Hope it can save you some time and energy.

Good AliExpress Hair Vendors with American Local Warehouses

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Pamela Reid

Hello Helen,
Thank you so much for for your site. It’s truly a special wonderful gift and I wish I had found you a year ago. I am a small hair business looking for good hair on Ali Express and have spent thousands of dollars on buying hair that sucks. So
many companies and they all claim to
have good hair which to me is false advertising. I am going to order from one of your recommend company. Thank you.


Pamela Reid…Have you found a good hair supplier?


Expecting more detailed hair stores list in the future, like best hair weave aliexpress vendors, etc.


Pls share furniture Ali vendors with local UK warehouses. thx


This post hasn’t got updated sooo long long….

Carmen Alessio

I am a celebrity stylist that has tried hair from many AliExpress companies on the recommended list and I don’t find the quality and longevity of the hair. I have found good bargains on high end hair with ninjadms on eBay. The hair is from movie sets and high end photo shoots. Never had a problem.

Carmen Alessio

As a celebrity stylist I have found great bargains and great quality on eBay With ninjadms for human hair.