If you are new on AliExpress, this post is for you.

I once cooperated with a popular AliExpress hair store as a marketing partner for more than 3 years. I not only know well about all kinds of human hair products, but also know how AliExpress hair vendors make their products look different from their competitors when with same quality but very different prices. I definitely believe that I can help all girls to get the quality hair items they need with an affordable price.

What needs to be mentioned:

1. AliExpress is a marketplace, it consists of a ton of individual sellers, including hundreds of individual hair sellers from China. Like Amazon, AliExpress built many shipping facilities in certain areas where the seller would give their product to AliExpress, and then AliExpress will send it to the buyer, but in most cases the item will be shipped to you by the seller directly, especially hair products since their storage and shipping package requires higher standards.

Shipping if usually free (well, of course included in the price), or you pay the shipping fee by order. Almost all hair sellers choose fast express delivery, like DHL, UPS or Fedex. These kinds of shipping ways usually take 3-10 days for American buyers to receive their package. You will be provided a tracking code to know where your order delivery status until you receive it.

2. The seller des not get paid until you confirm the order. Order is confirmed either by your clicking “confirm”, or after 60 days. If 60 days passes, and you don’t do anything. AliExpress will assume everything is fine, and will close the order and pay the seller. If you don’t receive the order, of if you receive something other that what you ordered, you can start a dispute.

3. The sellers do not have the access to your payment info: instead, it is handled by AliExpress. This means only a small number of people is involved in processing the payment, thus making it more secure

———————— Tips for Your to Get A Good AliExpress Shopping Experience————————

Before you buy, make sure to check product feedback. There will be a section for it on the bottom of the page. AliExpress community is very active, and many people leave detailed reviews with pictures of the product. Whenever possible, only buy things with feedback.

Keep an eye out on the delivery time. Only a very few times there will be some kinds of delay during the delivery process. If this kind of problem occurs, contact the seller to work it out. Or you can ask to extend the order. If the problem remains and the seller doesn’t reply you, you can open a dispute. Usually, US buyers get their packages within 3-10 days by express delivery. But if the seller has local shipping facility in US, it may only take 1-3 days for you to receive the package.

If there is a problem with the item you purchased, try to mediate with the seller directly. If you can’t come to an agreement, you can escalate it to the AliExpress Resolution Team, and they will step in and decide who is at fault. If you are not happy with the resolution, there is an option to appeal. 

– If you need to ask a question, keep your questions brief and the language simple. Many sellers use online translators, or speak limited English. No need to be rude or patronizing, they work very hard, and for long hours.

Stay aware. Most sellers are honest, hardworking and reasonable, but there are some who aren’t. Don’t give your payment info to the seller directly (they don’t process payments, AliExpress does); if the item does not arrive, start a dispute, if you’re offered compensation via PayPal it’s up to you whether you want accept it (AliExpress seems to adjust seller ratings whenever there is a refund or a dispute, so they prefer to do PayPal refunds instead). You can insist on a normal refund, or if you decide to accept PayPal, don’t close the dispute before you get the refund.