Interview with SHERINE WALROND, the Business Owner of Bonnie Lush Hair

Sherine Walrond is the business owner of Bonnie Lush Hair who has featured on the BBC Three show Be Your Own Boss. Along side developing her own products, she is also the author of I Love Me, I Love My Hair. Her varied skills and creative passion for expression has put her on a unique pedestal in her industry of business. All whilst juggling a full time job, Sherine enjoys encouraging others to utilize their potential on the journey of becoming their greatest version of themselves.

Let’s delve in even more:

1) Tell us about yourself and your journey into business.

My interest in the hair business began when I was 21 years old and whilst at university. I decided to start selling hair to provide myself with an extra form of income along side my part time job as a sales associate. Born and raised in Birmingham UK, I was one of the very first to start selling virgin hair extensions and so business did well. I introduced my business to friends and family at first, and through word of mouth it began to grow.

2) Why the hair business, what made you want to talk hair?

Hair is such an intimate and occasionally volatile conversation to have within the black community. If we are not being criticised or frowned upon for wearing a wig or a weave then we are seen as being disobedient or unruly for embracing our natural hair.  Honestly, this time 2 years ago I was so close to quitting the hair business after researching into black history and feeling somewhat uncomfortable with selling hair extensions to women who feel the pressures of social acceptance through the glorification of a weave. For example did you know that in Louisiana 1786 the Tignon Law meant it was illegal for black women to have their natural hair on show? And so many who slander a wig or a weave may not be aware of the Egyptians who proudly wore extensions and colourful wigs. Since my self-analysis of the position I hold within the hair industry I have felt that it is my responsibility to not only teach what I know as I learn more, but help women to express the true forms of themselves and embrace the individual journeys we go through with our hair, most importantly without judgement.

3) What made you write a hair guide? 

I myself just like many others have suffered from the hands of a hairstylist that knows how to ‘DO HAIR’ but has no idea how to maintain a healthy mane and before you know it you have bold patches. I had no idea that Traction Alopecia can be from a bad hairstylist! I kept returning to the same hair salon worsening my condition and assuming that the best thing to do would be to hide behind a weave, hiding it from the public eye and my protecting my low self esteem. This guide is for women who have been misinformed about their natural hair and would like to learn how to care for it at home or even a hairstylist who would like to learn the basics in caring for their client’s hair. It includes information on how to repair your edges, how to identify scalp conditions & vitamin deficiencies and also DIY recipes for your hair. It is simply to encourage women to enjoy all hairstyles including those which may include some extra length!

4)  What are your main tips for people trying to maintain their natural hair? 

My tips would include giving your hair the break it needs in between wearing a weave and surprisingly enough even a break from protective styles too as many run the risk of OVER protecting their hair which can cause tangling and breakage. By occasionally trying low manipulative styles such as buns or braid outs you are giving your hair the break it needs. If you want to add length in this instance you still can! My second tip would be to invest in a hairstylist who genuinely cares more for your natural hair being in a healthy condition rather than only caring about the hairstyle you aim to achieve.

5) What has been your biggest achievement to date and why? 

Is it OK to toot my own horn in this question? At the age of 21 in 2012 whilst at university studying Architectural Technology I had my business in an entrepreneurial store as well as participating in a show called Be Your Own Boss hosted by the co-founder of Innocent Smoothies, Mr Richard Reed who I got to meet personally! Amazing experience and amazing opportunity.

6) What are your next steps and where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

I am 25 now so within the next 5 years I hope to produce more content that others can benefit from whether that be in the form of a book or a new product. Last year I launched the Bonnie Lush Hair Edge Control, Travel Hair Extension Hangers & Bags, 3 different ranges of 100% Mink Fur Eyelashes, started a YouTube channel and created a website. Each year I aim to push myself to be better than the last, adding more value to people who I come into contact with. I see no ceilings with my capabilities and hope to inspire millions of people to start their own ventures.

7) Who is your natural hair crush? 

My hair crushes are a mix between Janelle Monae because she always has creative styles and Ming Lee from Snob Life as I would love to have her as my mentor one day as she is a huge inspiration to me!!

8) How can our readers find out more about you? 

You can find me on Insta @bonnie_lush or Twitter @bonnielush_hair, YouTube BONNIELUSHHAIR and the website is:

To purchase a hardcopy of the Ebook:

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