Question Of The Week: How Much Would You Spend On A Weave

This story was originally published on Essence by Charli Penn.

Sometimes top quality hair weaves could cost you a pretty penny. But are they worth the money you spent?

Before start this discussion, I should make a candid confession: My name is Charli and I’m 31, and in my lifetime, I’ve probably spent thousands of dollars on buying and maintaining hair weave. Don’t judge me. I’m not spending even half as much on my ‘do as a few other black women I know. (Yeah, it’s true.) I always pay my bills first!

Now let’s start with my story. About five years ago, when I saw celebrities keeping wearing hair weaves or wigs on the red carpet all the time, I decided to take a try. It was my birthday weekend and I wanted to feel like a star for a day. I ignored the fact that a celebrity stylist was most likely the only true means to that end. I found the most beloved human hair and stylists around. I asked a few popular hair divas which brands they may suggest me, and why they love that brands. I pretended not to be surprised by the high prices of the hair bundles I bought. Then, fast through $800 and six long hours at the hair salon. When the stylist spun my chair around and handed me a mirror so I could give my new, layered locks a good 360-degree assessment, the first thing that came to mind was, this is $800 worth of nice?!

I didn’t mean there is something wrong with the stylist or the hair because the final result is SO SO GOOD and I was 100% satisfied with it. The truth is that a woman spent half her rent on a hairstyle and she’s most like stuck with for at least three months. I didn’t feel the amazing feelings that were exchanged with that much money. From then on, I vowed to not ever try to buy what only a top-notch, celebrity stylist can create.Some of you may have enough homegrown hair skills to pull it off, but back then I accepted rather quickly that I am just not as talented in that department as you. I’m totally cool with it. And, guess what? I haven’t allowed myself to have hair weave sticker-shock since, which always makes the big reveal at the hair salon actually fun again.

What’s the most you have ever paid or ever would pay for the weave of your dreams? Do you have rules on how much you’re willing to pay for a hairstyle? Would love to hear your hair weave sticker shock horror stories too.

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  1. deedee October 16, 2017 at 9:08 pm

    the most i have ever spent on a weave was 800.00 in new york…did i like it? yes cause it was super long..but on top of it I missed my bus back to PA..

    but never again and this happened back in 1987…I stay local…philly…


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