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The store in this post SUPER HAIR (Super Hair Co.,Ltd, Store No. 209513) has closed its store on AliExpress and launched its individual official shopping website from April 1st, 2017.

Yas y’all! I am finally talking about my new hair installment in this blog post. Sorry it took me nearly an entire month to get around to. First off, I’ll go ahead and say that this is just the blog post review but you can see the video version (opening the package footage included) at the end of this post. Now let me begin!

I’ve always wanted to try longer hair as I slowly feel more comfortable making my own lace wigs, so thankfully the same seller who I purchased my Malyasian hair closure from in the summer was nice enough to give me a discount and try their Brazilian hair.

First Impression

I initially was loving the gorgeous waves and natural shine of this hair! Because it is of a medium luster, many people have already thought this was my real hair I was hiding underneath my last wig lol! I even had a lady stop me at Target in awe of it’s quality for a good 5 minutes which made my day! Another thing I observed was that the volume was less than I had hoped for but because these are longer lengths, I was told that it is common for them to come out that way so this isn’t an issue with the hair company. It is something I will note for the next time I am go for more voluminous hair styles though! Also, there was no unappealing smell other than it just being human hair which was good and this time the hair was completely dry and not damp unlike last time.

Packaging/Ordering Process

On the 25th of September, I ordered their Queen Brazilian virgian natural wavy human hair bundles in the inches 20″, 22″, and 24″ as well as a 4×4 middle part lace closure piece that I wanted to be 14″. I received my hair on the 3rd of Octboer so in all, it took only a week and a day to get my package to me which was expected after realizing that they use DHL as their shipping method. It was nicely packaged and even had a little note in it for me!

Length Test

The lengths of each bundle were on the dot but most of them were actually more than what was stated which was DEFINITELY a good thing! Haha I’d rather longer than shorter any day. There is a few strands that were being stubborn while my sister and I tried to stretch the hair down the measurement tape so it looks thinned out towards the bottom but it’s not. I really like how it comes down to my waist! I love when long hair frames the body like this hair does for me.


Originally I ordered a middle part 4×4 14″ lace closure, however this was right before the Chinese holiday and unfortuantely for me they did not have that one in stock so wanting to get my order to me the promised time, the seller sent me the same 4×4 closure but in the length of 12″ :/ I found out too late because it was already shipped out to me. Although I understand their reason for shipping it out anyway, I still wished for some sort of verification from me so that I am given more options on what I order. As for the one I was sent, it actually still worked out with my hair after layering it like crazy! So all was not lost. I was pretty satisfied with it in the end.


For the price of the hair, I can say is pretty decent for the part time working college student. The closure was approximately $47 and the hair bundle was $162 at full price without the discount which I think that’s pretty good. I’ve seen hair over $300 on Aliexpress for the same kind of specs these have so to me, it is a smart investment. They guarantee that their hair lasts up to between 1 – 2 years so that’s definitely a hell yes for me!

Most Current Opinions

At it’s current state I have it in right now, I am still seeing no loss of the wave patterns and will give it it’s first wash really soon. I haven’t used hardly any products on it since I received it so that’s why I haven’t washed it just yet but I will maybe early next week and see how it holds up. Sadly there has been a bit of shedding going on which is a bit odd since I sealed the wefts from and back with one coat of the sealant I got off eBay. Not sure what that’s about but I’m hoping it doesn’t go crazy as time goes on.

That concludes this review and of course if you’d like to check out Super Hair and all of their deals click on the link below! They have a sale going on which will give you anywhere from 10%-30% with free shipping on their hair that still will be delievered within 3 – 5 days. Btw, do you guys want me to do updated reviews of this hair as it may wear down or after I wash and style it? I’m completely okay with that so let me know in the comment section below!

The Reviewer: The Lovely Ify ♥

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