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Best AliExpress Hair Vendors

New AliExpress Hair Vendors 2017/2018 List

AliExpress is very strict with its hair vendors, especially with the new ones. But it doesn’t mean AliExpress won’t accept new entries. Every year hundreds of Chinese hair factories & suppliers apply to build their hair stores on AliExpress. But every year only a few of them will be accepted by AliExpress.

Frankly speaking, AliExpress hair sales declined hugely this year due to its policy adjustment on hair category. Almost two thirds of the hair vendors were removed from AliExpress. AliExpress officially said that the left hair vendors are reviewed very carefully and are all reliable, with superior quality. But I can say surely there’re still a certain number of hair vendors who sell good quality hair bundles with rather reasonable (also affordable) prices were removed from AliExpress. Whatever, after the policy adjustment, we buyers have fewer options.

Now back to the point. Here’re the new AliExpress hair vendors approved on 2017 / 2018. Since new, we know nothing about them. There’re also only several customer reviews for our consideration. So read the list and leave your thinkings. Let’s help each other to find good ones from these new hair vendors:

 New AliExpress Hair Vendors Approved on 2017 

 New AliExpress Hair Vendors Approved on 2018 

I will share my own opinions from time to time. If you have bought some hair items from the hair vendors in the above list, please leave comment to share your finds. Sharing is caring!

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