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13 Best Haircuts for Black Women in 2022

by Helen

#1 All Kinds of Clips

At Tom Ford, clips were embellished with crystals to match the glitz of the collection.

#2 Slick Straight

The flat iron is officially back. Models walked the Sergio Hudson runway with the 2022 take on glossy, pin-straight hair.

#3 Mid-Length Bob Haircuts

Celeb hairstylists and R+Co Collective members Clariss Rubenstein and Marwa Bashir both say the ’90s will continue strong in 2022. First up: the mid-length bob. Longer than a short bob but shorter than a long bob, this haircut falls somewhere above the shoulder and below the chin and will be a hit for 2022, according to Rubenstein. “I’m seeing a mid-length, blunt, ‘90s-style bob,” Rubenstein says. “Think Kourtney Kardashian’s latest chop.”

#4 Bobs With Center Parts for 2022

While we’re on the topic of blunt ends, one of celeb hairstylist Weezy’s top predictions is the blunt cut, on both short and long hair. If you want to give your hair a fuller, healthier appearance, Weezy recommends a haircut like this that’s straight across and all one length.

#5 ‘90s Layers for 2022

But blunt ends aren’t all we’ll be seeing next year. Bashir says long ’90s layers will be making a strong comeback, too. A layered haircut is great for adding volume, movement, and shape, and framing the face, so if your current style could use a little bit of all of that, incorporate layers that suit your hair type and texture into your look.

#6 Bobs With Side Parts for 2022

This next year, prepare to see a major return of an old favorite hair part: the side part. Celebrity extensionist Priscilla Valles predicts we’ll be seeing lots of chic bobs with either a heavy side part, like the curly bob shown here, or a center part.

#7 Soft, Effortless Curls for 2022

Another one of Weezy’s top picks for 2022 hair trends is light, soft, effortless curls. To get the look, Weezy uses a wider barrel hot tool so that it creates more of a nice, soft wave.

#8 Bouncy Blowouts for 2022

Hope you perfected your curtain bang styling routine because the layered fringe look will be sticking around for 2022. Valles particularly loves curtain bangs with a really pretty blowout instead of beach waves. “Make room for your jumbo hot rollers!”

#9 Long Lengths for 2022

Valles says another big trend for clients will be hair extensions about 17 to 21 inches long (or if you’re not fluent in extension speak, that means hair that hits somewhere between your chest and waist). Since hair only grows half an inch-ish a month, the best way to get long lengths by 2022 is to make that appointment with an extensionist soon.

#10 One-Dimensional Color for 2022

According to Weezy, one-dimensional color, like soft black, subtle chocolate brown, or warm ginger, will be knocking balayage off the top spot and taking over as the go-to hair color trend.

#11 Side Bangs for 2022

Not only will we be seeing a resurrection of the side part for 2022, but get ready to see lots of side bangs, too. Celeb hairstylist Anthony Campbell has a feeling lots of clients will be asking for a side-swept, slightly longer bang in 2022. The good thing about a long bang is if you’re not ready for full-on fringe, you can fake it first by tucking it behind your ear or pinning it to the side.

#12 Healthy, Shiny Hair for 2022

According to Bashir, 2022 is also gonna bring out more healthy, shiny hair.

#13 Blunt Bangs for 2022

If you’re already doing the whole bang thing, and you’re ready to go even bolder, try heavy bangs. Campbell predicts a heavier, straight across, blunt bang will be super popular for 2022.

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