20+ Stunning Strawberry Blonde Hairstyles For Women

1. Strawberry Red Long Wavy Hair

Strawberry blonde is a color that is not quite a true red, and it’s not a blonde either. It’s somewhere between the two, and the effect is gorgeous. There are different shades of this hue, some lighter and some darker, and if you’re looking for a hairstyle that will turn heads, then strawberry red long wavy hair is the choice for you. There is something so dreamy about wavy locks, and the color suits people with fair skin and light eyes. The combination is powerful and luxurious.

2. Strawberry Blonde Hair with Bangs

Strawberry blonde hair with bangs has a 70s hippie feel to it, and it is a stunning choice for anyone who wants something a little different. Fringes are trendy because they can work with various textures, lengths, and colors. That said, it is essential to consider what hair type and what face shape you have, including whether you have a small or large forehead. This will help you pick the perfect bangs for you, which will leave you with a fun new look.

3. Very Long Straight Strawberry Blonde Hair

Straight hair, without any curl pattern, can have a very sleek and sophisticated appearance. If you want to create volume, a great way to do this is with hair lowlights, and strawberry blonde is a fantastic color to choose from. It is a shade somewhere in between red and blonde tones. You can experiment with warmer and cooler dyes and highlights or lowlights to achieve a look that reflects your personality and style.

4. Wavy Copper Strawberry Blonde Hair with Highlights

Wavy copper strawberry blonde hair with highlights is every bit as gorgeous as it sounds. Copper is a blend of red and bronze tones, and although it is an artificial color, it is a popular choice for hair because it looks stunning. You can blend the copper hue with blonde highlights for a more subtle look, which also helps add depth and modernize your style. Wavy locks are great for achieving volume, and the combination of all these things makes for an Instagram-worthy style.

5. Bright Strawberry Long Curly Hair

Fiery bright strawberry hair is bound to make a statement and should be worn with confidence. This hue looks stunning on people with fair skin and light eyes. It lends itself well to several different hair textures and techniques, including ombre and balayage. If you want to show off your color, curls are a great way to do just that and create a romantic look, especially if you pair it with peachy eyeshadows and blush. That said, you should be careful to use high-quality products because coloring can damage naturally textured hair. To enhance your curls, use a diffuser on your hairdryer and products like a defining cream.

6. Natural Strawberry Blonde Hair Updo

Updos are great for both formal and informal occasions and can create a chic and feminine appearance. It can instantly transform your look, making you feel glamorous and elegant. Plus, it is excellent for showing off your makeup and accentuating your cheekbones. There is a lot to be said for natural strawberry blond updos, too, because the color is so striking. You won’t just be keeping your hair out of your face or showing off your neck, you’ll also be turning everyone’s heads. Wear it in a messy bun for a relaxed approach, or opt for a braided crown to channel your inner boho-goddess.

7. Strawberry Blonde Ombre Hair

Ombre hair refers to the color-shaded technique, usually with dark roots and gradually becoming lighter at the tips. There are many reasons to love strawberry blonde ombre hair; it creates the illusion of thicker locks, for starters. You also don’t have to commit to one color, allowing you to experiment with various reddish and blonde tones. It is less maintenance than a full head of dye because the color doesn’t start at the roots, meaning you don’t have to rush to the salon as it starts to grow out; it only needs to be retouched every 6 to 8 weeks depending on the placement.

8. Dark Blonde with Strawberry Blonde Highlights

For women who want to add some contrast to their locks and love keeping up with the latest hair trends, the dark blonde with strawberry blonde highlights is the best way to achieve this. The addition of this reddish-blonde hue does more than looking great. It also adds dimension and can create a sun-kissed appearance.

9. Glamorous Strawberry Blonde Wavy Hairstyle

One of the most beautiful looks is big, loose curls. A glamorous strawberry blonde wavy hairstyle will allow you to embrace your femininity and opt for a look that channels the glamour of old Hollywood. These retro curls are perfect for various settings, including formal events and special occasions. It can be defined for a sophisticated appearance or left loose for a more laid-back approach.

10. Sleek and Straight Strawberry Blonde Hair

If you are searching for an ideal style for formal occasions, then opting for sleek and straight strawberry blonde hair is a great choice. The beauty of this option is its versatility, and it can be worn with garments of varying necklines. For an elegant appearance, stick to solid neutral clothing choices. Or, if you prefer to make a statement picking reds or burnt oranges will create a matchy-matchy effect with your locks. For a more visually attractive look, choose an interesting cut that is layered or features a fringe.

11. Long Strawberry Blonde Hair with a Braid

Braids are always a good idea. There are so many different options to choose from; they are a beautiful way to show off your style and personality. From loose, dreamy braids that look pretty and romantic to tight ones that look polished and sophisticated. Long strawberry blonde hair benefits from adding a messy yet incredibly chic plait and instantly makes your hairstyle exciting and trendy.

12. Curly Blonde Hair with Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Blonde hair with strawberry highlights may be just what you need to transform your locks. It’s the perfect shade for summer, and the highlights are great for adding dimension to your tresses and creating a little contrast. It’s a great balance between maintaining blonde hair and adding some golden reds to it, making for a pretty and relaxed appearance.

13. Dark Strawberry Blonde Hair with Platinum Highlights

If you want a hairstyle with dimension, dark strawberry blonde hair with platinum blonde highlights is a fantastic choice. The platinum is such a bright and beautiful shade, and it has the ability to add volume to darker roots. It is a color that is often expensive and high-maintenance requiring regular touch-ups. Plus, it is best suited to women with cool skin tones. That said, when combined with the reddish hue, it becomes much more versatile and easy to wear.

14. Blonde Bob with Strawberry Highlights

We can’t help but love the look of a blonde bob with strawberry highlights because the color adds warmth and brilliance to any hair texture. On the other hand, bobs are cute and classic and have withstood the test of time, remaining as relevant and interesting now as it was 100 years ago. A few reasons to love this style is that it can make thin hair look thicker. It can also accentuate your features, requires minimal styling, and is easy to maintain. Plus, it works well with most textures and colors. For a natural appearance, run your fingers through your hair to create a sort of messy look that will add life to your locks.

15. Elegant Strawberry Blonde Hair With Extensions

There is something so appealing about hair extensions, especially for those who struggle to grow their locks because they can create such an elegant and feminine appearance. Among the many benefits of extensions is that they can add volume and make your tresses look fuller and healthier. You can also play around with various color options, lengths, and hairstyles, opting for a look that reflects your personal preferences.

16. Strawberry Medium Length Wavy Hair

What is not to love about medium-length wavy hair? It is a style that is popular for both casual and more formal occasions and has been favored by fashionistas and celebs for decades. It’s a perfect balance, creating just enough texture and volume without being high-maintenance or time-consuming to achieve. You don’t need a lot of products, it is a great length for updos and a variety of other styles, and you will adore the way it frames the face.

17. Long Strawberry Blonde Straight Hair

Long hair can be harder to care for than shorter cuts, and it may be more expensive to color. That said, there is something wonderful and feminine about this length, so if women can’t achieve it naturally, they opt for extensions. If you’re looking for a great way to style your long strawberry blonde hair, then leaving it straight is a lovely option because it looks so sleek and sophisticated. Your hair will also catch the sunlight, creating a high shine.

18. Strawberry Blonde with Beach Waves

Is there anything more lovely than strawberry blonde beach waves? It is the ultimate style for women who want a look that is effortless but beautiful. It adds volume to limp hair and can hide frizz and damage, and create the perfect look for those who want to appear as if they’ve just walked off the beach. These tousled locks are also effortless and highlight your natural waves; you can also use a salt spray to do this. On the other hand, for those with straight texture, a curling tool or straightener can help you achieve the look of your dreams.

19. Natural Looking Straight Strawberry Blonde Hair

There are definite pros to having natural-looking strawberry blonde hair. It will look healthier, be stronger and grow quicker. This is the perfect option for a woman who wants gorgeous tresses without looking like she tried too hard. To achieve this, you want to avoid any dye or highlights that have an extreme contrast and pay close attention to using the right products and treatments to keep your locks in the best possible condition. Straight hair tends to showcase color more than curly textures. Therefore it requires a more light-handed application process if you want it to be as natural-looking.

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