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3 Hottest Hair Business Trends for 2018

by Helen

If you want to boost your hair business in 2018, please follow the below 3 new small business trends. They’ll be very hot in 2018.

Same-Day Delivery

It’s very normal to wait a few days to receive the package. However, many consumers can’t even wait one or two days since there’re many sellers who’re already providing Same-Day Delivery Service now.

According to Forrester’s research, 30% consumers feel VERY satisfied with Same-Day Delivery Service. So if you want to beat your competitors, you can improve your delivery service!

Comments Marketing

Comments are the truest feedback and customer experiences. Good comments can bring you unexpected promotion effect than paid advertising.

Note that sellers with both good and bad comments are more trustworthy than the ones only with good comments. We consumers always hope that sellers can be true to their feedback systems. So as hair sellers, you should try your best to encourage your customers to leave their real comments, no matter good or bad.

Snapchat Marketing

More and more people are using Snapchat now. So Snapchat should be paid much more attention in 2018.

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