5 Best Hair Ties for Working Out on Amazon 2022

When working out, a comfortable hair tie is necessary.

Using a wrong hair tie during working out can bring your hair more harm than you think – causing split ends or breakage, even changed your hair texture for ever. To avoid tugging, you want a hair tie that is covered in fabric instead of ones with exposed elastic or rubber. You also want to avoid hair ties with metal fasteners or glue bonding as they can be abrasive to hair.

It’s important to find a hair tie that is compatible with your hair type, density, and texture—whether you have curly or straight, thin or thick hair.

There are so many hair ties on Amazon that it can be hard to find one to fit your needs. So, we looked at the material, style, and utility of a variety of hair ties to find the top 5 options for your next gym session.

Here are the 5 best hair ties on Amazon for working out.

Our Top Picks

The seamless design provides a strong, snag-free, and comfortable hold that you won’t need to adjust mid-workout.

Made of organic and biodegradable materials, these ultra durable hair ties secure men’s hair without snagging or slipping.

These hair ties won’t lose elasticity over time and are designed to secure heavy, thick ponytails without pain or damage.

Crafted with a spiral design, these hair rings deliver a firm, secure hold without snagging your thin hair.

Made from the finest grade mulberry silk, this scrunchie is ultra gentle on your curls while also keeping frizz at bay.

Best Women’s Overall: GIMME Bands Any Fit Hair Ties


  • Stays in place
  • Damage-free design
  • Styles for specific hair types


  • May not hold thicker hair
  • May leave crease in hair

Designed with athletes in mind, the GIMME Bands Any Fit Hair Ties strike the ideal balance of a firm yet gentle grip. They’re crafted to hold up to rigorous activities like running and HIIT, and the seamless style ensures comfort for all-day wear. Better yet, it stays in place so it won’t tug your hair.

Each band is made with hundreds of microfiber elastics that deliver evenly-dispersed tension—eliminating breakage and creasing. And after your workout, you can toss the hair tie into the washer and dryer to remove sweat and oil. With nine bands per pack, the GIMME Bands Any Fit Hair Ties are crafted to work with most hair types. They’re thicker than a standard hair tie, but they aren’t too bulky if you want to wear them around your wrist.

GIMME Bands are also offered in three additional tailored styles for specific hair types, including Fine-, Long-, and Thick-Fit. Choose between Black Onyx, Blondies, Chestnut, Neutrals, and Rustic color varieties.

Material: Microfiber | Compatible Hair Type: All types (may not work for very thick hair) | Quantity Per Pack: Nine

Shop $12 at Amazon

Best Men’s Overall: Terra Ties Compostable Hair Ties


  • 100 percent organic and biodegradable materials
  • Keeps shape over time
  • Discreet design


  • One color option

These simple black hair ties are made with ethically sourced materials. And since 100 percent biodegradable organic cotton covers a natural rubber interior, they won’t pull or tug your hair. Each pack includes 27 hair ties, and each one is designed to provide a secure hold so you don’t have to readjust.

Not only do Terra Ties keep their shape after multiple wears and stretching, but they’re very difficult to break. When laid flat, Terra Ties measure 2.5 inches wide, and when fully stretched, reach 7.25 inches wide—far more generous than most standard hair ties.

Material: Organic cotton, natural rubber | Compatible Hair Type: All types | Quantity Per Pack: 27

Shop $15 at Amazon

Best for Thick Hair: Burlybands Hair Ties for Thick Hair


  • Firm, comfortable hold
  • Retains elasticity
  • Machine-washable


  • Thicker band may prove annoying to wear on wrist

Those with thick hair know that keeping it in a ponytail is no easy task. Heavy and prone to sagging, the hair needs to be held with a sturdy hair tie like the Burlybands—seamless and specifically designed for thick hair. Even when wrapping up to three times, the hair ties won’t cause head pain or breakage.

They’re ideal for high-impact sports and offer a budge-free feel thanks to the 4.75-inch circumference bands. The best part is that the hair ties bounce back every time—no matter how often or how far they’re stretched. Perfect for all hair types and textures, they’re easy and painless to remove. They’re also machine-washable and offered in black, blonde, brown, light brown, dark gray, and light gray.

Material: Elastic, nylon jersey | Compatible Hair Type: Thick hair density, all hair textures | Quantity Per Pack: Three

Shop $12 at Amazon

Best for Thin Hair: Invisibobble POWER Traceless Hair Ring


  • Waterproof
  • Damage-free design
  • Adds lift and volume to ponytails


  • May tangle when removing
  • May leave crease in hair

Thin hair density refers to the amount of hair you have on your scalp per square inch. This can often be confused with having fine hair, which refers to the texture and diameter of each individual strand. If you purchase the wrong hair tie for your hair type, it can cause serious breakage. But if you know you have thin hair, the Invisibobble Power Traceless Hair Ring will provide you with an extra-strong hold that won’t cause creasing or damage.

Not only does the spiral design safely grip fine hair, but it also gives any ponytail a voluminous, lifted look that will stay in place. Each band is crafted with polyurethane which is waterproof and easy to clean. And each pack includes three spiral hair rings offered in True Black, Crystal Clear, To Be Or Nude To Be, and Pretzel Brown.

Pro tip: To shrink the ring back to its original size after wear, place the Invisibobble ties in a cup of boiling water.

Material: Polyurethane | Compatible Hair Type: All types (but specifically made for thin hair) | Quantity Per Pack: Three

Shop $7 on Amazon

Best for Curly Hair: LilySilk 100% Silk Scrunchies


  • Will not leave a crease
  • Secure band
  • Eliminates frizz and retains moisture


  • Some find it too tight for sleeping

Gentle and nourishing, silk is great for both your hair and your skin (unlike cotton which can strip hair of moisture). LilySilk’s 100 percent mulberry silk scrunchies help extend the life of curls by easily sliding in and out of your hair without any tension, tangles, or breakage. Better yet, these luxurious scrunchies leave you crease-free, keeping gorgeous curls intact.

These genuine silk scrunchies are made from 100 percent grade 6A mulberry silk with no added fabrics or chemicals. They’re machine-washable, and each scrunchie stretches from roughly 4 to 8 inches wide. They’re available in 15 different color options, and you can choose from single scrunchies—a major plus for those dipping their toes into the silk scrunchie game—or variety packs.

Material: 100 percent grade 6A mulberry silk | Compatible Hair Type: Curly (but can be used by all types) | Quantity Per Pack: Singles or multipacks (One-, five-, seven-, or 15-pack)

Shop $7 on Amazon

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