7 Best Human Hair Wigs on Amazon 2022

Choosing a wig on Amazon is not an easy thing since there’re thousands of options for you. We have done the research and selected the 7 best human hair wigs on Amazon to make your wig shopping experience a little easier.

HiBaby Bone Straight Wig

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This bone straight wig from HiBaby hair has a ton of great reviews on Amazon and comes in two great colors, black and 99j red. You can choose from 14 inches to 22 inches depending on the length you want and best of all it has a pre-plucked hairline. Amazon reviews say the unit is thick, soft, and looks very natural.

Price: Depending on the length you can spend between $109 to $168.

The bad? Some reviewers complain that the wig is too thin, but a majority of those that reviewed it loved the density of the wig.

Hermosa 13×4 Straight Lace Front Wig

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Time and time again Hermosa popped up as the best human hair wig on Amazon. All of the reviews say it’s easy to install and good quality human hair.

Price: Depending on length you can spend $112 – $329

Releek Deep Wave Wig

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There are a ton of curly wig options on Amazon–everything from a 24-inch deep wave to a kinky-curly bob. The options are endless. But what’s being hailed as the best curly hair wig? That honor goes to Releek Hair. This deep-wave Brazilian human hair wig has a ton of reviews on YouTube as well and in each one the vlogger was able to pull the wig from its packaging, install and go. For most of these reviews there was no plucking or bleaching required which is a big plus for beginners. Above’s a great review from Ro Lyss. She shows you how to lay the lace and disguise the lace with makeup as opposed to bleaching.

Price: Depending on length $119 to $265

Kun Gang 13×6 Straight Highlight 27 Colored Lace Front Wig

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This Kun Gang wig, while it comes bone straight, can be customized with heat because it is a human hair wig. The reviews on Amazon say it’s a soft, natural-looking wig that’s easy to install.

Price: Depending on length $154 to $205

The bad? Some reviewers say the wig had too many flyaways, but others had no issues.

Viennois Long WIG

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Sometimes your standard 24-inch wig just isn’t enough and you want to up the drama without breaking the bank. Well, if you’re looking for a 32-inch human hair wig that’s fully customizable, your best bet is Viennois. It is a lace front wig that comes pre-plucked, the only thing you need to do was bleach the knots and add a few layers. A little shedding!

Price: 30 inches will cost you $276, 32-inches comes in at $319

Megalook Bob Wig

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Finding a short wig on Amazon that doesn’t look like your grandma’s is a task but if you’re looking for something that gives you the sleek bob look without taking a trip to your stylist and sacrificing your precious inches, this Megalook Bob has you covered. It comes in a range of lengths, with the shortest being 8 inches. It’s a natural-looking, human hair wig, perfect to throw on for a cute sporty look.

Price: Depending on length $87 – $136

The bad? A few reviews mention that the hair quality isn’t great, but overall most buyers are extremely pleased with how the wig came as delivered.

Beauty Forever Headband Wig

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The headband wig came out of nowhere this past year (thanks pandemic). All of a sudden headband wigs were the go to standard for looking cute in 5 minutes–literally. 

So what’s the best headband wig on Amazon? I will say this was a tough one to judge, there are A LOT of headband wigs depending on the type of hair you’re looking for, but Beauty Forever takes the top spot, offering a water wave wig in variety of lengths and colors–oh and it’s also human hair.

Price: Depending on length $80 – $244.

Tips on Finding a Good Wig on Amazon

Still looking for a wig on Amazon? Here are some tips that we used to make sure we get the most bang for your buck.

  • Read bad reviews. We scrolled through and looked at the top reviews AND we read the WORST reviews to see why customers weren’t happy with the purchase. If most of the bad reviews were old or had to do with things we knew we wouldn’t care about (i.e. dying the hair) then we considered it.
  • Look at the “related products.” Amazon does a great job of cataloging their inventory, so they know what they have and what is very similar to it. We use the convenient comparison chart to see if there are any other wigs out there we should look into before completing our list.
  • Try YouTube if you have time! There’re millions of reviews on YouTube. Many are paid reviews and many girls get confused what to trust. So if you’re new to buy wigs online, just read and don’t get confused by them! If you really get confused, pick from our list above!

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