Ali Moda Peruvian Body Wave Review

ali moda peruvian body wave review

Lawd, hope y’all ain’t tired of seeing me in here talking’ about these Aliexpress companies! LOL! But I’m back with some more hair from another company, Ali Moda Hair (Store Link: Let me start off by saying they did send me this hair to review, but in no way, shape or form does that effect the way I do my reviews. So with that being said, let’s start with the hair specs!

Peruvian Body Wave
22/24/26/28 & 16″ closure
1B color

So, I don’t know if I spoke about it here in this forum already, but I had planned to color this hair purple. I used Kaleidocolors in the blue packet and 30 volume developer to lighten it, but the hair refused to lighten beyond a beautiful golden brown color – and on top of that, it was lightening in patches. The color was beautiful, mind you, but I wasn’t going for that look this time around, so I was really upset. Even though the color didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, I applied the Adore Violet Gem color to the closure to see if the color would still come out. I left it on overnight wrapped in some foil and a plastic bag and rinsed it out the next night. What I got was this: a brownish/red color, no bueno!!

ali moda peruvian body wave 1

ali moda peruvian body wave 2

ali moda peruvian body wave 3

ali moda peruvian body wave 4

Since that happened, I was just like forget it, I’m not wasting my purple color on this hair that’s clearly coated in clothing dye. So I colored it back dark using Adore’s Darkest Brown & Off Black. Although I was upset the color option didn’t work, I must say there are some really good points about this hair:

Pros: it was buttery soft from beginning to end, amazing body, curl pattern didn’t drop any further after bleaching, no initial shedding or tangling (even up to this point still no tangling or shedding), didn’t have a corn chip smell, curls well without product (doesn’t hold without though).

Cons: the ends looked straggly after I bleached the hair so I cut them & the curl pattern dropped after washing, the bundles of the 2 longest bundles are really small but that’s expected when dealing with such long lengths, if you have a big head and/or round face 5 or more bundles will be needed for a wig, maybe less if you’re doing a sew in and all bundles are doubled, if you want fullness with this hair you must double those wefts, product needed if you want your curls to last all day – I did a flexi rod set (pictured) and used conditioner and water before rodding the hair and I love it.

I created my wig this week and when I applied it I really wished that I had double my last bundle at the top for more volume. I doubled all of my bundles except the last one because I didn’t want it to be lumpy and wiggy looking at the top. My head is a “medium” size when it comes to purchasing wigs and such, but I feel that it’s quite large, especially since my face is really round and I’m a bigger girl – so I’m gonna need some extra bundles to make my hair compliment my face. I tried the wig on a friend of mine who is a lot smaller, and has a small head and it looked perfect and voluminous on her – so 4 bundles would definitely be enough if you’re a pint sized diva. But if you’re a bit curvier, like me with a bigger and rounder face, get 5 and double them all. 6 if you’re really feeling uber fab.

ali moda peruvian body wave 5

ali moda peruvian body wave 6

ali moda peruvian body wave 10

And yes, I did pull my closure up a bit before I went out LOLLLL

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  1. This is by far the best hair I have purchased, and I buy hair all the time, its so beautiful, soft. No shedding, just all around good hair, I love it so much and definitely recommend! Will order again.. I purchased 4 bundles of Peruvian bodywave, only had to use 3 they were nice thick bundles.. thx guys

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