AliExpress 11.11 Sale 2018: Best Deals Collection

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There’re less than 3 days before saying Hi to AliExpress 11.11 Sale 2018. Here we have collected the Best Deals for you. Enjoy!

Best 11.11 Deals on AliExpress 2018

3 in 1 Charger Cable

11.11 Sale price: $4.37

Cable is the a must-have for every people. This 3 in 1 charger cable can save you space for placing various cables and time for finding the right cable you want to use. This one is the most popular charger cable on AliExpress. Now it seems to be more appealing with a very nice discount.

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Replica Airpods with Much Cheaper Price

11.11 Sale price: $30.95

With the recent launch of Apple Air pods, also the craze to buy it has increased. Wireless Air Pods has a very sleek and suitable design. But the price is so high. So why not try this replica one? It has same functions like Apple Air Pods but with very low price.

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Smart Watch

11.11 Sale price: $19.90

Although a smart watch is better than a stupid watch, please forget Apple watch still. It’s SO SO expensive. Do you really want to spend that much money just on a watch? Here is an alternative one for you.

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Portable iPhone Charger Cable

11.11 Sale price: $1.59

Wherever you go, you should bring it together. It can keep your iPhone working all the time. It’s the coolest and shortest iPhone charger cable I’ve ever seen on AliExpress.

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Magnetic smartphone holder

11.11 Sale price: $2.39

Let you enjoy the phone fun even when driving a car.

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LED speaker

11.11 Sale price: $4.14

We have reviewed it before and the sound sounds good for its price. Don’t compare it with the speakers of high price. You always get what you pay for.

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Waterproof Shower Speaker

11.11 Sale price: $2.70

Enjoy music when showering!

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USB 3.0 hub

11.11 Sale price: $20.21

A handy USB hub with a 3.0 and quick-charge outputs. It is powered so that all your gadgets charge even faster.

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Original EKEN H9R / H9 Action Camera

11.11 Sale price: $35.74

EKEN H9R / H9 is a great action camera with very impressive specs.

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11.11 Sale price: $329.99

High-end bookshelf speakers by Edifier from Beijing, China (8,000,000+ units sold worldwide). These powered Bluetooth speakers have been produced in the state of the art facility by a group on passionate audiophiles. This model is very highly rated by Audioholics (a reputable review portal). Given the cheaper production costs, this is a killer deal – comparable products are found at retails stores for $500+.

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Battery-powered Heating Wind Breaker

11.11 Sale price: $47.49

A jacket with an integrated heating pad and a battery pack to keep you warm all winter.

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11.11 Sale price: $5.21

All designs are with latest fashion trends. Prices are also affordable. Best Quality!

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

11.11 Sale price: $173.99

The best-selling smartphone from the best reputable Chinese phone manufacturer.

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Shower Set

11.11 Sale price: $140.07

AliExpress isn’t only for cheap electronics and clothing items. You can get a lot of legit home-improvement products, same as you would probably be able to get from your local department store, just at a lower price and delivered to your house.

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Desk lamp with a clamp and 3 dimming mods

11.11 Sale price: $8.29

This desk lamp’s leg is adjustable, and the stand doubles as a clamp. Lamp, clamp. If there is a pun there, it looks like we are missing it.

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11.11 Sale price: $5.21

There’re millions of cool posters with discount prices on AliExpress now. Click to choose one.

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Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner

11.11 Sale price: $407.64

Whether you want to clean a single room, all bedrooms, or a small area, you just have to choose from a map. A key to clean the set area. Very smart robot vacuum cleaner!

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Bean Bag (Without Filling)

11.11 Sale price: $62.72

If you’re a regular reader to popular fashion blogs and magazines, you will find this kind of bean bag is every fashion guru’s room must.

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Baby Stroller

11.11 Sale price: $134

For young moms and daddies, AliExpress is a very good place to buy best baby strollers with practical functions, stylish appearances and affordable prices.

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Health Pot

11.11 Sale price: $72.16

Health is life’s basic prerequisite. I have bought one health pot and used it everyday for some good drinks. Strongly recommend you buy one too!

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Steam Mop

11.11 Sale price: $15.24

Compared to the old style mop, this one can save your time and help you to clean the house more quickly and easily. I have bought one too.

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Hip Trainer

11.11 Sale price: $5.12

Every sexy girl should buy one. It can help all your body exercises more effective!

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Electric Foot Dry Dead Cuticle Skin Remover

11.11 Sale price: $4.90

Basic health tool for every people!

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Hair Dryer

11.11 Sale price: $45.99

You can be a regular Venus with this fantastic SOOCAS hair dryer. Get yours now with an amazing 50% off in the #BEST1111 sale!

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V Neck Long Sleeve Skinny Tee

11.11 Sale price: $6.90

This is the cutest little top from Shein.

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Original Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Smart Bracelet

11.11 Sale price: $21.59

Live smarter! Get your very own XIAOMI Mi Band 3 Smart Bracelet, perfect for all weathers and activities!

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11.11 Sale price: $279.99

Music is art, and your favorite tunes are priceless. The must-have Xiaomi Pocophone comes with a stunning 19% off in our 11.11 sale.

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11.11 Sale price: $5.21

I have all colors of sneakers in my shoe rack. How about you?

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11.11 Sale price: $20.69

Get as many stylish hoodies as you can in your wardrobe this winter!

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11.11 Sale price: $1171.20

It’s time to get yourself a fresh new bike!

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