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AliExpress 11.11 Sale 2018: Double 11 Global Shopping Festival

by Helen

AliExpress 11.11 Sale 2018: Double 11 Global Shopping Festival

AliExpress 11.11 Sale, largest global shopping festival which is hosted yearly by the Alibaba group, will hit on November 11 soon. During the sale time period, the customers will be offered a discount of up to 90% off on millions of AliExpress products.

What’s 11.11? It’s an interesting festival which is celebrated as Singles Day or Day of the Bachelors among Chinese young people. The original aim of 11.11 day is to celebrate the fact that they’re proud of being single. Why the date November 11 was chosen? Because the number 1 resembles an individual that is alone. The Singles Day festival has been popular for years and it has become one of the largest online shopping days around the whole world. Almost all online shopping sites hold sales for singles day every year including its creators Alibaba and AliExpress.

AliExpress 11.11 sale always begins at least two weeks before November 11. AliExpress customers can get several discount coupons by attending AliExpress’ prepared games.

Subject of AliExpress 11.11 Sale 2018: Double 11 Global Shopping Festival Best Deals of the Year

Different from former AliExpress 11.11 global shopping festivals, AliExpress 11.11 Sale 2018 will last for Two Days, 48 HOURS.

Pacific Time

From November 10th 5:00am to November 12 4:59am.

American customers will get direct cash reduce if they use Paypal among AliExpress 11.11 sale 2018.

Best 11.11 Deals on AliExpress 2018

Super Slim Card Holder

11.11 Sale price: $4.37

Link: http://ali.ski/_GHPYP

Wireless Charger for iPhone

11.11 Sale price: $10.87

Link: http://ali.ski/DH3RJ

Captain America Mouse Pad

11.11 Sale price: $1.98

Link: http://ali.ski/dVQ_f

Ultrathin 12000mAh Power Bank

11.11 Sale price: $6.12

Link: http://ali.ski/b709D

Hand Throw Foam Airplane

11.11 Sale price: $1.62

Link: http://ali.ski/BC7C7

LED String Lights for Christmas

11.11 Sale price: $5.20

Link: http://ali.ski/wvnUHy

Smart LED Bulb for Mi Home App

11.11 Sale price: $14.89

Link: http://ali.ski/HkG3l

Jade Roller Face Thin Massager

11.11 Sale price: $2.82

Link: http://ali.ski/5pERj

Fishing Net

11.11 Sale price: $13.13

Link: http://ali.ski/n1I0hm


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