AliExpress 11.11 Sale 2020: The Complete Shopping Guide

AliExpress 11.11 Sale 2020. Join AliExpress 11.11 Sale and enjoy the biggest deals of the year with unlimited coupons, direct discounts, free gifts and more. Are you ready for it?

Full Guide to AliExpress 11.11 Sale 2020

(Updated on November 3, 2020)


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Here’s what you need to know about 2020’s AliExpress 11.11 Sale.


Aliexpress has millions of products with unique features and unbeatable Prices!

What does 11.11 mean on AliExpress?

11.11 (Double 11) is also known as Singles Day. 11.11 Sale is the shopping season in China that began as an unofficial holiday for singles. Now this shopping festival has spread to the whole world. On November 11, you will receive discounts up to 70%. You can also lower the already low prices with coupons, bonuses, coins and games.

Yearly AliExpress 11.11 Global Shopping Festival happens on November 11, but the fun to enjoy it starts weeks before that!

When does AliExpress 11.11 Sale 2020 start?

When does AliExpress 11.11 Sale 2020 start? AliExpress Singles Day 2020.

11.11.2020 Global Shopping Festival is the biggest sale on, offering millions of products for up to 70% off.  Shop best deals of the year with coupons and promo codes to score the biggest savings online! 

AliExpress 11.11 sale | Global Shopping Festival 2020

The AliExpress 11.11 Global Shopping Festival 2020 will start on Nov 11, 12:00 AM PT and last till Nov 12, 11:59 PM PT

When does the warm-up period for Aliexpress 11.11 sale 2020 start?

Warm-Up – Time period: 28 October 2020 12:00 AM PT until 10 November 2020 11:59 PM PT

During this period, collect coins and coupons, play games, add items to your cart.

Our experience has taught us that the biggest deals often sell out within minutes of the sale on November 11, so you should make a decision ahead of time and add an item to your cart during the warm-up period.

Are AliExpress 11.11 deals real?

As with any sales event you’ll see a mixture of bargains, discounted end-of-line stock and strange things found in the back of a warehouse somewhere.

I’d say the discounts are real, you just need to look for the right item/posting as well as the right store.

Many sellers sell off their old stocks or promote new products. Some discounts from official stores are legit.

How can I prepare for the sale before it starts?

From October 28, 2020 12:00 AM PT onwards, you can start collecting coins, AliExpress Coupons, Select Coupons and Store Coupons to use during the sale. Also, don’t forget to download the AliExpress app to play money-saving mobile games!

Bookmark Our Site. During the sale period, we will update the information on our website. We will add interesting offers from sellers, tell you about popular products.

When can I view the sale items?

Sale items and prices will be revealed on Oct 28, 2020 12:00 AM PT, two weeks prior to the start of the sale.


Shop the best deals of the year!

Shopping Guide 11.11 AliExpress Global Shopping Festival 2020 big promotion


Visit to view and collect coupons


AliExpress 11.11 Sale 2020: Best Tech Deals
Cool tech gadgets with lowest prices of the year!

AliExpress 11.11 Sale 2020: Best Hair Deals
A collection of best human hair bundles and wigs with huge discounts during AliExpress 11.11 Sale 2020

See clearance deals and value items

Shop the must-haves of 11.11

Check out the brands of 11,11


Share our guides and deals selections with your friends to let more people enjoy the biggest sale event of the year!

 Save money in Aliexpress 11.11 Shopping Festival! 


Check in and play mini games to win coupons and a portion of the big prize.

  • October 21 – October 28 – Get cash every day (Double 11 version).
  • October 21 – November 11  – Bonus Buddies 11.11 Challenge | Get US $160 everyday on AliExpress
  • October 21 – November 11 – AliExpress Passport – Complete the check in task to share the big prize
  • October 28 – November 11 – Gameland & Energy Lab
  • October 28 – November 11 – Gold coins for Double 11
  • October 28 – November 11 – Coupon rain
  • October 28 – November 11 – Slash-it coupons

Super Prize on AliExpress 11.11

October 21 – November 11. The game is available in the app.

11.11 Super Prize on AliExpress Sale


  1. Every user has a chance to complete a total of 30 tasks. Upon completion of each task users will receive a ‘stamp’.
  2. Users who successfully complete 25 tasks and collect 25 stamps will qualify for a share of the main prize – US $1,000,000 in coupons!
  3. The final prize of US $1,000,000 operates on the the following exchange rates: USD / RUB = 1:75 – final prize is 75,000,000 RUB.  USD / EUR = 1:0.85 – final prize is 850,000 EUR
  4. The deadline to perform the tasks and collect the stamps is November 10, 2020 12:00 AM PT. Note: The 6 stamps that require to place an order shall be completed by November 9, 2020 23:59.


  1. The stamps will be gradually ‘unlocked’ for users. The first batch of 17 stamps will be available to collect from October 21, 2020 12:00 AM PT. The next batch of 12 stamps will be available to collect from 28 October, 2020 12:00 AM PT. The final stamp will become available to users at an undisclosed time – so stay alert!
  2. Please note that 7 of the total stamps will require the user to authorize the use of his or her data. If in the first instance the user allows authorization of data usage for all stamps, no further authorization is required.
  3. Users who have collected a minimum of 25 stamps qualify to receive a share of the US $1,000,000 main prize. Their share will be given to them in the form of an AliExpress coupon – the amount of that coupon will be the total prize money of US $1,000,000 divided by the amount of users eligible to receive a share.
  4. Note that there might be approx. 1 day delay in data synchronization in the tasks that require the user to place an order.

You can see your registration date and how much money you spent on the Aliexpress website. You can also see your member rating.

Date of registration on Aliexpress, amount of money spent, buyer’s rating

Game 11.11 AliExpress Passport

Complete the check-in tasks to get a portion of the big prize
Collect 35 badges to share the prize
US $ 1000000

Game 11.11 AliExpress Passport

Share the prize

US $ 1000000
Open it to check what you have

11.11 AliExpress Game Passport Share the prize US $ 1000000


Complete task to win surprise gifts.
Get the item you want for only $ 0.01
Discover the best coupons for 11.11

Game ElectriCity AliExpress sale best coupons for 11.11

Get power points!
The best way is to invite friends!
Large game control panel.

Game ElectriCity AliExpress 11 sale Complete task to win surprise gifts

AliExpress 2020 11.11 Sale Plan:

28 October to 10 November – Warm-Up

  • Add to cart to earn points and redeem more coupon
  • Get coupon at one click only!
  • Invite friends and earn coupons
  • Collect coupons to use later during sale
  • Complete missions and playing game
  • Play “Super Savers”, “TOP SECRET” and “Energy Lab”
  • Win coupons and prizes everyday at
  • Play “Collect for Coins”. The more products you collect, the more coins you’ll get!
  • Watch out for fantastic Flash Deals
  • Snatch exclusive store coupons for dream deals
  • Internet celebrities talk about new products
  • See product presentations.

11th of NovemberBig Sale
Let the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival Begin! Choose from millions of bestselling items at prices you just won’t believe!

  • Pay for your order with all coupons and promotional codes!
  • Get great coupons from time to time.
  • Receive coupons after purchase.


AliExpress features a wide range of items across many categories such apparel, shoes, sneakers, drones, smartwatches, mobile phones, electric scooters, headphones, wigs, and makeup. Don’t miss the best deals of the year from well-known Chinese and international brands like Anker, Deko, ILIFE, Xiaomi and Baseus.

There will be a lot of video presentations at the Aliexpress sale. All sellers will be broadcasting live and talent streams. These live broadcasts will be displayed on an interactive list.

live broadcast AliExpress 11.11 2020


All types of coupons (AliExpress, Select and Store Coupons) will be available. You can use both active coupons you have or win, collect new ones.

Store Coupons

Store coupons are provided by sellers and can only be used by the store that issued them. One coupon can be used for one order.

Select Coupons

Select Coupons can only be used in selected stores. Check your item’s product detail page to see if you can use a Select Coupon.

AliExpress Coupons

AliExpress Coupons can be used in any store on AliExpress. You can use AliExpress Coupons on combined orders from different stores, but you can only use one AliExpress coupon per order.

Tip: You can get AliExpress Coupons while playing games or by exchanging your coins for coupons.

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AliExpress 11.11 sale Global Shopping Festival 2020

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