AliExpress alidoremi Hair Reviews

AliExpress alidoremi Hair Reviews

alidoremi Official Store

alidoremi hair is a hair seller from Xuchang city, one of the top hair production bases in China. It has another AliExpress hair store under the brand of alibarbara. Their selling human hair products are almost same. Their prices are a little different. Overall, alidoremi’s prices are slightly higher lower than the alibarbara.

Their hair products include two types, human hair bundles & lace closure, lace wigs. Most human hair bundles with lace closures are made of Remy Hair while most lace wigs are made of Non-Remy Hair. Their hair description is a little messy and incorrect. Not very accurate. At least, not professional!

For example, one 10inch lace wig labeled with Remy Hair costs just $20 and a little more. Based on my hair knowledge, it’s impossible. This price is even impossible for non-remy hair. Worst guessing, there are maybe synthetic or animal hair mixed.

I don’t want write more about these two AliExpress hair vendors. Their human hair products are totally replaceable. Prices are not cheap. So why not go to other verified and reliable hair vendors for purchasing quality hair bundles and wigs?

For the dear ones who also want to check the store:

alidoremi Official Store Shop Link:

alibarbara Official Store Shop Link:

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