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AliExpress Alishes Hair Reviews

by Helen

AliExpress Alishes Hair Reviews

Alishes Official Store

I don’t want to write too much about Alishes Hair here. You can call this article a short answer to people who want to know a bit about it.

Alishes Hair store joined AliExpress on 2014 and was popular at the first 2 years since its release. Many hair YouTubers and hair bloggers reviewed their hair products and spoke good about it. Then two strange things happened. First, the customers began to find the hair quality became poorer and the after-sales service was bad. Second,  Alishes quited AliExpress Affiliate Program. Maybe they thought they won’t need these people who helped to promote for them. Then these people turned to cooperate with other good AliExpress Hair Vendors who provide same good quality hair products with a little price lower hair products. Then Alishes Hair’s business dropped quickly. At last, they joined AliExpress Affiliate Program again but YouTubers and bloggers refused to cooperate with them since they though Alishes Hair is dishonest.

Back to talk today’s Alishes Hair. Only a few hair products with common quality and features are left for sale. As low as 90% positive rating score. Not cheap prices. Almost none feedbacks during the past 6 months. It seems its boss has given up running Alishes Hair store and turned to run other business.

So my conclusion is, turn to other AliExpress hair stores instead of Alishes Hair store. It’s already a history.

Here is the link to Alishes Hair store:


For people who still wants to take a check!

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