AliExpress Atina Queen Hair Review 2021

ATINA QUEEN hair focuses on 100% real human hair high density wigs. Their mission is to offer their customers top quality products, fast shipping and best service.

ATINA QUEEN hair joined AliExpress on 2015 and already with 6 years of successful selling wigs. It’s with as high as 96.1% positive feedback. The hair store is located in Jiaozhou city, another big human hair production city of China.

ATINA QUEEN hair focuses on and is good at colored and curly wigs.

Atina Queen Hair’s Top Selling Wigs:

So, this unit came with a wig cap included and has plenty of room for customizing. true to length,and there is no discoloration or areas with different colors (I’ve had some weird hair experiences).I noticed it was the perfect color!!! Wow and the hair was soooo soft!!! I was so excited to try it on as I’ve been looking for something just like this!!?It also has 3 combs for security.For the price this wig was EVERYTHING!!!?

It curls beautifully and I’ve received the most compliments on this unit than any othert!!! Which didn’t damaged the hair with heat. the quality is great..the knots were bleached as promised and the hairline plucked.?so far not one hair has shed. I mean black girls, it looks just like our hair when we blow dry it… I’m in love. Density was also plentiful.

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