AliExpress Beauty Forever Peruvian Hair Review

Have you ever thought about ordering from Aliexpress for hair weaves/extensions? Well I did! I was so confused on which of the hair vendors to choose from! The top vendors range from Ali Queen Hair Products, New Star, and Rosa. I did my research but ended up choosing Beauty Forever! I chose to go with this company because I received 4 bundles of Peruvian hair for only $120!!! You cant beat that. Sounds too good to be true is what I thought to myself. I read all of the reviews they had on their site. Most were good but there were a few that weren’t so fond of the hair. Alright! So lets talk about the hair I received!

The hair usually arrives within 3-7 days. Most people receive the hair in three days! My package took a whole week, it was stuck in customs for a couple days. So the hair arrived at noon via DHL! You don’t know how excited I was to hear that knock at my door. So I teared open the package and there it was 4 bundles of Peruvian bundles. I ordered the hair in lengths 14, 16, 18, and 20 inches.

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Also in the package was one pack of strip false eyelashes. Which were actually nice. Anyways back to the hair! Running my fingers through maybe one or two strands of hair to none shedding! The hair was soooo soft! The wefts are doubled and the ends are perfect and not dry. The hair is true to length. The hair had an amazing body wave to it. When I washed it the waves came right back. I could easily blend the hair with my real hair! The thing that I loved about the hair was that they put so much hair in a bundle. The hair was thick and so was the bundle. Installing the hair at first I only used my 20 in & 18 in bundle and a little bit of my 16 in. So in the body wave state of the hair it looked fabulous but when I straightened the hair was pretty thin towards the ends. When I curled the hair it still looked thin.

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After a week i took the hair out and re-installed it. To make my hair look full I needed to double the first two bundles. Then on my third bundle sew the tracks like regular. I was able to fit my fourth bundle as well. The hair looked much better & fuller! If I would of known the ends would b thin I would of ordered my hair all the same length. I bleached this hair and the color was beautiful. The hair was still soft and did not lose its wave pattern. I dyed the hair red and was still wonderful. The hair can hold a curl. It curls better when I use my wand curler. I had the hair in since near the end of September 2014 & it lasted till beginning of December. The last month of the hair I would say November the quality of the hair went down. I don’t know if its because I dyed it a couple times. But it kept getting dry especially on the ends, I kept having to use product to maintain it. The length of the hair shrunk too went from a 20 in to a 16 in. Overall the hair is nice. Amazing in the beginning. I definitely recommend this hair if you need something quick and very affordable. This hair would be great for quick weaves, wigs and u-part wigs. So if you need something quick and great, long, virgin hair under $200 then check out Beauty Forever on Aliexpress! Shipping is fast and free and bundles are soft and inexpensive. I will leave the link & pictures below!

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If you want this hair CLICK HERE.

Thanks for reading!

Bailee Nicolette 🙂

Article Source: Sinful Beauty

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