AliExpress Berrys Fashion Hair Reviews

AliExpress Berrys Fashion Hair Reviews

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berrys fashion hair joined AliExpress since its release on 2010. They focus on top quality real human hair. From selecting hair material to the packaging, each of bundle is under at least 3 times quality test involving bleach, tangle, and burn testing. They claimed their hair can last at least 3 years under well care. So attractive to us who want real human hair but don’t want spend repeat money every season, every year!

berrys fashion hair cooperated with many YouTubers. They paid them or give them very good commissions. But it doesn’t mean these YouTubers are telling lies. The hairs from berrys fashion hair are really with TOP quality.

The hair stores berrys fashion hair have on AliExpress:

What I found about berrys fashion hair?

berrys fashion hair seems to be a hair trade company. They don’t have their own hair factory but may with good cooperation ship with some big Chinese hair factories. They keep looking for the newest and best hair products on Chinese hair market so they have a wide range of human hair products, including HD Lace Series, Human Hair Wigs, Bundles Deal, 10A Grade Virgin Hair, 9A Grade Raw Hair, 8A Grade Remy Hair, Transparent Closures, Blonde and Ombre Color Hairs.

They select the most popular and best hair products to resell. Of course, their prices are higher than purchasing directly from the factories. But the thing is it’s not easy to buy directly from hair factories. They don’t do retail and small orders.

Best Hair Products berrys fashion hair Sell on AliExpress:

To sum up:

You can take a look at the store to see if there’re the ones you’re looking for. It’s a good hair seller!

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