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AliExpress Brazilian Hair Review

by Helen

aliexpress brazilian hair review

African American women want long and abundant hair with the help of various hair extensions. It often costs more than $600 at least if visiting a local hair salon so they prefer to shop from AliExpress which provides more affordable prices along with good quality.

Virgin hair extensions from Aliexpress cost from less than 10$ to over 75$ depending on the length. Most comes ready for weaving or color dye. A good quality hair can last up to 2 years.

Among all types of human hair, Brazilian hair sells best for its higher quality and affordable price. You can visit the following 3 hair stores I recommend or visit my another shopping guide post – Best AliExpress Hair Vendors to find a reliable hair store.

General Human Hair Knowledge & FAQs:

Remy hair

all hairs pointing in the same direction, and therefore the cuticles. This hair is almost always healthy and will with tender care, not filter. Genuine remy hair is naturally protected, not with a layer of silicone. Since the natural cuticles are healthy in advance. Therefore Remy-hair is considered as the highest quality of extensions.

Non Remy hair

Non remy hair means that the hair are pointing in the opposite direction.

Dandruff layers are exposed in Non-Remy hair. This most often happens when silicone layer is washed away after a few washes. They will then become entangled in each other easily and make the hair dishonest. The majority of non Remy hair is produced from hair that is naturally precipitated by brushing of the hair. The hair will be both dry and cuticle will not lie flat. Therefore the hair is covered with silicone after dyeing to make it usable. Another approach to the problem is to remove the cuticle completely and expose the hair’s cortex. This will not be filtered so easy, but will completely remove the hair’s natural structure. Non Remy, is the quality that gives the greatest problems of hair extensions today.

Remy Single Drawn (unequal length)

Remy single drawn means that the hair length is uneven as it is only trimmed (pulled) once. Hair length can vary by plus / minus 5 cm. When we cut our own hair little by little, a woven edge with single drawn, looks the most natural according to the view of many. The hair can always be cut.

Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is chemically unprocessed human hair, which is collected from a single donor (the donor could be Indian, Malaysian, Brazilian, etc). The virgin hair is remy hair that has not been altered by dyes, perms, bleaches, or harsh washes. This is the highest quality of hair.

Hair types

  • A normal scalp contains between 100.000 to 150.000 hairs.
  • Indo-European hair is approximately 57-90 microns thick.
  • Asian hair is partly thicker than European hair and can be up to about 120μm thick. However, there may be variations.
  • Asian hair is more round and thicker. It therefore has a very straight structure.
  • Indian and European hair is more oval and thinner, which is most often seen in a natural decline in the hair structure.
  • African hair is more flat and rotate much more on its axis. Therefore it is very curly.

The hair growth rate

  • Hair grows at a rate of approximately one cm. per. month.
  • Hair grows slightly faster in winter than in summer.
  • After one year it is about 12 cm. far.
  • After five years, it is about 60 cm long.

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