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AliExpress CEXXY Hair Reviews 2020

by Helen

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Aliexpress has become a true source for women looking for good hair at an. Since the start of my Youtube channel Jaz Jackson, I have been faithful to my Aliexpress Purchases. I recently made a purchase from Cexxy Hair Company. While this company may be new to the Youtube scene, its definitely one to try!

Cexxy Hair Company offers an array of hair textures and lengths to choose from. With hair bundles starting as low as 140.00 dollars, this hair will NOT rob the bank.

My hair origin of choice was Peruvian body wave. The hair arrived through standard DHL shipping with each bundle individually rapped in plastic casing. Unlike many horror stories I’ve heard about Aliexpress hair, this hair had no foul odors nor did it appear to be bathed in a chemical mixture. The hair’s luster and movability was the main attraction. I was able to run my fingers through the hair and I experienced no shedding while doing so.

After my first initial wash, Cexxy Hair Company’s hair the didn’t go back to its original “body wave” texture. This wasn’t a surprise to me as most Aliexpress hair companies “Steam Process” their hair to mimic several different hair textures. My biggest concern was the hair changing its movability and softness; I’m happy to say that it hasn’t wavered.

Along with purchasing the hair bundle package I also purchased a lace closure. This closure was also Peruvian body wave. Cexxy Hair Company even provides its customers with pre-bleached knots to take the hassle out of doing it at home. While this was a nice gesture, I wasn’t a fan of the turn out. The knots were bleached an unrealistic brass tone that did not match well with my scalp’s natural color. To remedy the issue I place concealer over the exposed area to make it appear more scalp-like. Although I didn’t like this extra step it was nothing that made me give the closure a thumbs down. If you decide to purchase for Cexxy Hair Company, I would suggest requesting your closure not be bleached and do it yourself.

My next qualm with this hair has to do with styling. While the hair is soft, a lot of effort is taken to maintain a curl. I went through several styling methods seeing which one worked best. My first time curling it was with a 1 inch barrel curler purchased from Sally’s Beauty Supply store. The curls were beautiful but they fell 2 hours later. Leaving me with what appeared to be tossled hair. Next I’d decided to use flexy rods. This method lasted longer during the day but by days end I was still left with tossled-like hair. Finally, I gave both methods a try together. This method proved to be the most successful. By days end I was left with sexy waves, something I’m used to seeing when curling my hair.

Since wearing this hair for months now I am also noticing an increased amount of tangling. The hair still has its luster, but tangling is apparent. My recommendation to you if you are considering purchasing from Cexxy Hair Company is to invest in a moisture-intense shampoo and conditioner. And to avoid any harsh alcohol based products.

Because of the price and quality, I would recommend checking this company out, http://www.aliexpress.com/store/237341. As with any hair company, before making a purchase be sure to do your research. Read the reviews on the hair via Youtube, Aliexpress as well as other outlets. And by all means, if something seems fishy about the purchase methods of the vendor DO NOT purchase from them.

Check out my video review of the hair here:

Cexxy hair also has some other hair stores on AliExpress:

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