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AliExpress For Your Nice Hair Brazilian Spiral Curl Review

by Helen

Hey Guys so I wanted to go ahead and do a brief review on my Brazilian Hair that I purchased from Aliexpress. The vendor name is “For Your Nice Hair” and you click here to visit it. I purchased the Brazilian Spiral Curl in 16,18, and 22 inches. I ordered this hair in late August..I think. Well anyways the hair just sat for several weeks before I really did anything with it. The hair came through DHL pretty quick. It took only about 3 days to get to me which is nice especially for international shipping. The hair was packaged decently. Obviously since this hair is directly from China you can expect ribbons or bows. But the hair was securely packaged which I appreciated. There was no funny smell.It actually smelled alot like beauty supply store hair. Let me stress that this hair has been steamed processed for its spiral curl texture. So that is up to you to decide whether or not the hair is still virgin in your book. However they do claim the hair is Brazilian and I must say I don’t really believe in “Virgin Brazilian” hair but hey to each his own.Anyways when I got the hair I couldn’t decide what to do with it. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get a sew in or make a u-part wig. I decided to go with a sew in. Sadly my stylist canceled my appointment so the hair went back in my weave box for another few weeks. Then I decided to go ahead and make a halfwig. I was inspired by ThomasAddriana and her bomb curly halfwigs. I didn’t do the best job making the wig so I decided to take it apart and make a u-part wig. Turns out I wasn’t really feeling the u-part either. Ultimately I decided to get a sew in. I fell in love with the hair after I sewed it in. I felf very Kelly Rowland ish with my big curly hair. My boyfriend loved it too which is always a plus. I didn’t have to use a whole lot of products on this hair. To define the curls in the morning I used a mixture of water conditioner and some biosilk. I sprayed the hair and finger combed it. The I would add my organics defining cream. I loved this product!!!. It smelled heavenly and defined the curls without leaving my hair hard. I co-washed the hair with Sauve Almond and Shea Butter conditioner. Honestly this isn’t my favorite conditioner but it did the trick.Blending was fairly easy. I would use some foaming lotion and sponge rollers at night and it blended perfectly. Days that i didn’t roll my hair the night before i would just use my curling wand. So my first week with this hair was pretty much problem free. My only problem was the hair started to get pretty frizzy. It wasn’t a big deal though. By the 2nd week the hair started tangling up in the nape.I had expected that so i didn’t freak out when it happened. But as the days went on the hair went from being tangled to severely matted. Not only was it matted in the back but everywhere else to. I tried to wash it and detangle it while wet but that was only a temporary solution because as soon as the hair dried it matted up even worse. I ended up taking the hair out before having it installed for 3 weeks. I was so heartbroken. The hair was gorgeous but the quality was poor. You should always beware when purchasing processed tight curly hair because it tends to tangle. But since this hair had such positive reviews i thought I was safe. Be sure to be on the look out for my full review on YouTube. I will show you guys the matted wefts.
Much Love,

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