AliExpress Hair 2017 Trend Preview & Analysis

Every year The AliExpress Official will check and review all AliExpress hair sellers. There will be uniform standards for all AliExpress hair sellers. Only ones who satisfy the standards can stay selling hair on AliExpress. Others will be forced to stop.

The new standards of AliExpress Hair 2017 are:

  • As for AliExpress sellers of Hair Weaving, Hair Weft & Closure, Wigs & Synthetic Hair, there should be NONE wrong, mismatched, incorrect or overstatement product description.
  • Hair Weaving sellers’ annual sales should exceed $360,000. The average order amount of recent 30 days should exceed $100.
  • The AliExpress Official will charge $15,000 – $35,000 technical service fee and margin which can be returned if the sellers achieve an amount of sales in the following year.

These standards are recognized the strictest ones since AliExpress’s launching. Based on these rules, current AliExpress hair sellers with bad comments, too cheap prices and small sales amount will be kicked out from AliExpress hair market. Small ones (most are middle sales) will leave, big ones (mainly with their own factories) will stay.

These strict standards can help to control hair quality but will definitely raise the general price. Every coin has two sides. Leave your opinion below to join conversation.

What do you think of AliExpress new standards for 2017 hair?

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