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AliExpress Hair Review: Ali Moda Hair

by Helen

Hey girls, today I’ll be reviewing about one AliExpress hair company called Ali Moda Hair. Their hair is so bombshell like and this is their Peruvian straight with a matching frontal as well as you guys can see. I did a little bit different what I usually do with my straight hair. Here I cut a lot of layers.

So as you can see I just cut a lot of layers here in the front so that I could get all of these hair on the side which is very bombshell. Like you know I’m just doing something that was different that I wasn’t used to now. I’ve been knowing how to do this layered look for the longest time. I guess these glasses works right. But the thing that I don’t like about this look is the fact that you have to cut a lot of hair. I have five bundles of hair. Okay five! It does’t look like five because of the amount of hair that I had to cut in order to get this look. But I will say that because I did have five I was able to do it. Usually I wear only  four bundles. 

I was a little nervous to do this look because I don’t want to cut my own hair and it will look like super thin if I do. These five bundles of hair were just enough for me to get the volume.

I will say it’s one of my favorite hair so far.

 –Malibu Dollface

AliExpress Ali Moda Hair Company *RATING*

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I didn’t want to do it bad because this hair is like everything it’s curled, dyed. These curls have been seen for a week. okay a week. Now mind, I usually let my hair sit but they have literally been like freestanding curls. Have to brush them out, put them on a mannequin head and globe all day. When I first got it, I was wearing the straight because it is their Peruvian straight texture. But it was just getting really hot and I don’t really know how much I would actually like to wear this hair. You know in the summertime, the only way I could probably beat this with the heat is actually to curl it. So after about a week, I decided to go ahead and just chop it. They sent me five bundles of 30 inch. But as you can see my hair looked like 20 inch because I cut a lot off. My frontal along with this hair is a 13 x 4 one, but I’m almost certain that this is a 13 x 6 because the judging x4 would not come this far back. Maybe they accidentally send me a 13 x 6. I don’t know but this is not definitely a 13 x 4. But it’s fine with me.

I’m obsessed with this hair. It looks handsome on the dance. I decided to keep the look. As far as now I got a little bit shedding. But it wasn’t anything that was crazy, it wasn’t excessive and it wasn’t like oh my god I’m gonna die. It was just a little bit here and there. Now that i have CUT IT, I haven’t got any more shedding. I washed it for about the sixth time. I did notice when I’m straightening this hair, I have to be a little bit heavier then normal ones. It seems like the straightening process takes a little bit more. But that’s it just in the fact that I have so many bundles in. I don’t know I can really pinpoint what the reason for that. But after I put a little oomph into the flat iron, the curling  became great.

Like you know I like using spray when I use flat iron to curl the hair. I think it can help to hold the curls for a longer time. This hair give me no issues when I do my strand test with it. I just don’t think I would do with it since this hair is another one of my most favorite hair. As for light coloring process of 613, brown or copper, I don’t really see any issue problem with it. So overall, it’s a good one that deserves being recommended.

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Just leave a comment to let me know what you all think about this look and I will catch you in my next one I said OH sir.

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