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AliExpress MS HERE Brazilian Virgin Hair Review

by Helen

If you don’t know MS HERE before, let me tell you: it has a former name Guangzhou OMG Hair Products CO.,Ltd,

I never got sent free hair before until an aliexpress seller of human virgin hair contacted me telling me who they were. I reviewed their stores page and was happy with what I saw! OMG Hair Products has high ratings, wide variety to choose from such as wefts, ombred hair, mixed pieces bundles, closures, you name it! It is yet another reputable seller I would trust on that site because if you don’t believe there are sellers who scam people, you’ll be in for a rude awakening. That’s not to scare you off but just be safe with who you trust for future purchases. They sent me a whopping 3 bundles of hair to review for them and test out for you guys. Below lists some of the specs.

EDIT: The seller sent me the wrong link of the hair they sent me so the actual name of this hair is Brazilian Virgin Loose Wave Hair…sorry on their behalf for the mix-up.
It came looking the way how I like my hair. Nice and luscious, full, and long! I know I’m probably mad for keeping the lengths so long but I cannot cut the hair because of how pretty it looks! I’ve always been more of an admirer for long hair lol but having the color stay such a dark shade guaranteed that I would have all kinds of sweaty walks to my car and back this summer. Knowing it’d be too much of a double whammy, I had to change the color to a more season appropriate shade. HONEY BLONDE!! Actually, my friend Kalicia recommended it for me at the gal meet we had together and ever since then, her idea seemed so smart!
I ran to the local beauty supply store, bought the Creme of Nature hair dye in no. 10, Honey Blonde and went to work with it! You can view more of how I did this in the videos below that are already uploaded. Here is a before and after shot.
No use of Palty’s hair dye this time around because they didn’t have a shade like this from what I saw at H-mart so I opted out for a much cheaper brand that got me exactly what I was looking for! Well initially I wanted the honey blonde to be slightly lighter like the model’s hair on the box but we all know that rarely ever happens to anyone so of course it was a shade darker. It still looks awesome and I will never say I don’t look good with blonde hair again like I used to!
The hair itself seems to have held up quite nicely since bleaching and dying it without doing too much heavy deep conditioning which I consider highly impressive! As my 3rd time bleaching different hair, it is safe to say that an amount of luster will be lost from the chemical process so please note that it won’t look entirely the same as it did before you bleach the hair if you weren’t already aware of that. But even so, look at that luster it still has in this next pic!

This hair is ~*magical*~ I swear! Took this right after filming the final part of the three-parter review/tutorial of OMG Hair Products. I know this was a pretty general review but all in all, I cannot see this store causing any trouble for shoppers based from the research I’ve dug up on them. I have bumped into some pretty fraudulent looking vendors but they are pretty kind and will STAY updated with you if you have any concerns.

If you’d like to view this hair click the link directly below!

Click for GORGEOUS OMG Brazilian Loose Curly Hair yo 🙂

Thank you so much OMG Hair Products for allowing me to do this review for your store! I cannot wait to eventually play around with fun colors using this hair in the future! Tell me what you guys think of this honey blonde shade! 😀



The Reviewer: The Lovely Ify ♥

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