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AliExpress mslynn Hair Company Review

by Helen

This will be my 1 month update of Mslynn Hair a vendor on Aliexpress. I purchased 2 bundles of the texture kinky straight  in the length 22in. To achieve this look above I used 2 bundles because I like it really full you will you can get away with one bundle .This is my second time purchasing bundles off Aliexpress and each time I’ve been skeptical. I can honestly say that this hair exceeded my expectations in every way.

First the hair has minimal shedding and tangling  which is always a plus. It is high maintenance but that expected with textured hair. The hair is very soft and has remained soft this entire month. I  would defiantly recommend weekly cowashing to prevent the hair from drying or tangling. It doesn’t really mat when properly taken care of, although  you will experience some matting if you don’t comb the hair for a few days. Overall this is pretty decent hair, the bundles were very affordable I  paid 68.30$ and the hair was delivered in about five days. Below I have included a link for you to shop MS Lynn store!


This article was originally published by a young black mom Mary on her personal blog http://confessionsofayoungmom.com.

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