AliExpress OneCut Hair Store Review

OneCut Hair is a new AliExpress hair store opened since August 2019. It sells human hair wigs and extensions. For now, its human hair wigs sell better than human hair extensions.

Although OneCut Hair store is a new AliExpress hair store, it’s not new to us. OneCut Hair store sells RosaBeauty brand hair. I checked its store owner, she is also one owner of RosaBeauty Official Store.

Conclusion: OneCut Hair Store belongs to RosaBeauty Official Store.

Like the brand name listed on the OneCut Hair Store, RosaBeauty Premium, it sells a high grade series of human hair wigs and extensions. I checked the prices of OneCut Hair Store’s hair products are higher than RosaBeauty Official Store’s.

Most human hair wigs and extensions on OneCut Hair Store are labeled virgin hair.

RosaBeauty Official Store has been popular among AliExpress hair buyers for more than 10 years. This means its hair products must have very good quality and competitive prices. So does the new opened OneCut Hair Store.

Take a simple look at OneCut Hair Store’s best selling human hair wigs and extensions:

If you’re a regular customer of RosaBeauty Official Store, OneCut Hair Store is totally reliable!

Visit AliExpress OneCut Hair Store Here >>

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