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AliExpress VIP Beauty Hair Review

by Helen

I wanted to stop by and give you guys a hair review that I just finished up on.

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I was reached out by VIP Beauty Hair to review their Malaysian Curly from AliExpress. I’ve never done an AliExpress review before so i agreed. I want to give my subscribers and readers an inexpensive alternative when buying hair.

I also know that even though AliExpress is a cheaper route to go to when looking for hair, you can also get burned by many vendors. With research i was able to fish out the good ones such as Anson and Queen.

I was sent over 4 bundles and a closure. At first (as always) i didn’t like the way the wig framed me. I felt it look too wiggy. I absolutely hated the closure because it was pre-parted and tweezed (I like to customize my wigs to fit my style). I reached out to Princess Hair shop and they were kind enough to let me review their closure.

This was my initial review on the unit. To be honest, i really didn’t want to create this video because i HATED that i couldn’t get the right style with this wig.

After trial and error and being determined to make it work, i thought i’d try a twist out with the hair after giving the wig some layers. I crossed my fingers and went to bed. The next morning the twist out looked PERFECT!!! I was in love with this unit!!! From there on, i continued to rock my wig with a twist out.

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aliexpress vip beauty hair review 3

aliexpress vip beauty hair review 4

I got so many compliment with this hair. To me it was very low maintenance. Since i take my wigs off nightly and plant it on my mannequin head; i only needed to retwist the hair every 2-3 days.

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  • The hair was super soft and the curls are BEAUTIFUL!!! If i selected longer lengths, i would have rocked it in it’s natural curl pattern.
  • Low maintenance
  • Luster and texture makes this unit work perfectly for natural and relaxed hair


  • This hair shed when you comb it
  • The closure was pre-tweezed
  • Rating: I would rate this hair a 8 out of 10.

Natural Curl Pattern

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*Article Source: Hair De La Creme*

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