Amazon Colorful Queen Hair Brazilian Body Wave Hair Extensions Review

Colorful Queen Brazilian Body Wave extensions are perfect for the diva who needs a short-term fix.

  1. 100% Brazilian human hair extensions.
  2. Grade 6A which means good but not quite amazing. Hair might be from multiple donors
  3. Great for short-term use; keep it in for a month to 6 weeks at the most. Any longer than this, the hair might start to look sub-optimal
  4. Not for lazy divas because this hair might take some work to keep it looking wavy
    3 bundles of Brazilian hair, body wave for a great price
  5. Fulfillment by Amazon, so quick shipping – shipping is free if you’re a member of Amazon Prime

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BlackHairClub’s Recommendation – Not quite diva quality. Not for the long-term but okay for a quick weave.

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