Best 10 Bluetooth Headphones on AliExpress (September 2019)


The usage of headphones in people of present generation’s daily life have been increasing continually. People mostly use headphones in jogging or bed time. Many freelancers also use headphones when working. They need proper music to inspire them in new ways and help them to stay enthusiastic about their works. Good headphones are always with latest headphone features and provide the best quality music to the users. AliExpress provides the best quality bluetooth headphones with most affordable prices.

Best 10 Bluetooth Headphones on AliExpress

AliExpress is a great place to find the best deals on the advanced headphones. We have picked 10 of the best bluetooth headphones below.

#1 Gold Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Stereo Headphone – CATASSU [$13.93]

This popular bluetooth headphone is available in 12 different exciting colors. It uses Bluetooth to connect to the device which eliminates the woes of using wires. An advanced bluetooth chip ensures flawless music without hampering the quality.

This gold Bluetooth 4.0 wireless stereo headphone is compatible with almost every Bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet and audio device. The CSR chip that is used provides CVC6.0 echo cancellation which is highly useful for noise cancellation during calls. The composite diaphragm, advanced speaker and the digital signal processing technology provides an awesome musical experience. The ear pads are carefully designed to provide maximum comfort to the listener.

Best part is the foldable design enables the users to carry it anywhere without hassle.

Pirce: $13.93

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#2 Baseus D02 Bluetooth Foldable Headphone – Baseus [$23.39]

With big polymer battery capacity (450 mAh), this Baseus D02 Bluetooth foldable headphone can let you listen and enjoy your favorite musics at anytime anywhere.

We find the sound spacious, detailed, and make us want to rediscover our music library. The technology adopted a double composite membrane to design the speaker, thus it’s more satisfying to listen to rock and roll, metal, DJ or even delicate pop music with this awesome bluetooth headphone.

With up to one month of standby time and foldable capability, this impressive wireless Bluetooth headphone is a great travel companion and all-around excellent wireless headphone.

What’s in the Box:

Colors: Black/White

Pirce: $23.39

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#3 Ausdom M09 Deep Bass Stereo Bluetooth Headphone Music Headphone – AUSDOM [$15.49]

For the last few years, the Ausdom series of stereo Bluetooth headphone have been our favorite cheap wireless headphones around.

This superb headphone works perfectly, even the radio is receptive to many stations. There’re several equalization modes and changes are noted. At moderate volume, the sound is excellent, however it distorts a little when put to max volume.

The large protein earmuffs though soft sounds really good as the closed design makes excellent hearing protector. They also sound terrific thanks to the awesome design combining with superb wireless codecs – Advanced Bluetooth 4.2 tech – easily connecting with smart phones, tablets, TVs and other Bluetooth devices within 33 feet (10 meters).

With the powerful built-in lithium battery, you enjoy 250 songs continuously with just a single charge. Furthermore its foldable feature can make you take it anywhere.

What’s in the Box:

Color(s): Black

Pirce: $15.49

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#4 ZEALOT B570 HiFi Stereo Bluetooth Headphone – ZEALOT [$14.53]

The ZEALOT B570 Bluetooth Headphone is a sturdy, well-designed and elegant bluetooth headphone model. The large ear muff provides extra comfort as its thicker ear pads do offer more cushioning. With noise cancelling feature, the ZEALOT B570 Bluetooth Headphone produce a flawless and adequately loud output which doesn’t lose its details on higher volume levels.

With a cool dazzling LED screen, you can see the current play mode and switch songs or FM easily.

The headphone can also be folded up and kept into a carrying case if you like. Such folding design allows convenience while traveling. There is even an SD card slot.

Pirce: $14.53

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#5 ONEDIO Wireless Bluetooth Headphone – ONEDIO [$22.71]

The Bluetooth connectivity of ONEDIO wireless Bluetooth headphone helps you to fight out the woes of entangling wires and gives you a world class music experience on the go. The advanced noise cancellation technology eliminates almost every possible stray sound. The rechargeable battery stores charge for about 20 hours even when the headphone is under heavy use. The volume button and the power toggle button come handy for basic music operations.

The advanced quality microphone and they extremely light body weight are some of the additional features that make the headphone worth an investment. The headphone is available in 2 colors including black and beige. The classy design of the headphone goes well with almost every style of the user. An additional data line ensures an uninterrupted musical experience even when the device is out of power.

Pirce: $22.71

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#6 Oneodio Professional Studio Dynamic Stereo DJ Headphone – Oneodio [$27.56]

This cool headphone boasts a superior sound quality. There’re 2 versions for you to choose from, Studio Standard and Studio Pro. The bluetooth headphone will be active when it is found connected with your smartphone, laptop, table, pc, etc. For the connectivity, there is a 3.5 mm or 6.5 mm jack. The headphone is portable and is very good for office use having features like noise cancellation. Best quality music provider.

Pirce: $27.56

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#7 Bluedio T2S Bluetooth Headphone – Bluedio [$22.45]

China based Bluedio has garnered a strong crowd of followers with its high quality products at affordable prices since its beginning. Without disappointment, the Bluedio T2S headphone is designed for both style and comfort. Despite the Bluedio T2S headphones being made entirely out of plastic, the build quality is still pretty impressive.

Inspired by a minimalist design, the metallic color tones emit a strong visual sensation at first sight. A simple multi-functional button by the side allows answering of calls and controlling of music playback. It also works well with phones, tables and personal computer.

The noise cancellation makes the should cleaner, with better bass definitions and adds to more natural sound. The ear pads are highly elastic skin-friendly material that are non-toxic, soft and made to feel comfortable when it rub your ears.

Pirce: $22.45

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#8 Bluedio TM Wireless Bluetooth Headphone – Bluedio [$22.33]

The Bluedio TM Wireless Bluetooth Headphone offer a greater freedom of movement without a doubt. This over-ear wireless headphone is comfortable on the head and the ear muffs do not squeeze the ears tightly causing discomfort.

With a 57mm drive unit, original music experience is restored to the max. However there is a slight delay to the transmitting of sound which is negligible for regular music playing.

The lightweight headphone sounds good, blocks out noise and has functions such as intelligent voice, language switching, hearing protection and burn-in.

The outlook is cool with the triangular casing making this budget Bluetooth headphone the top choice for gamers and students, and also perfect for a trip to the gym.

Pirce: $22.33

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#9 Bluedio T3 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone – Bluedio [$22.45]

This Bluedio T3 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone is an apt device for video games, mobile phones, personal computers and even tablets. The 3D stereo sound effect provides the users one of the best musical experiences. They alloyed body is strongly built. The design of the headphone is inspired from the turbine of an aircraft.

The strong battery provides 1100 hours standby time and 20 hours of music time. Currently they have released T5, T63. However we still prefer the T3 as one of the top choice headphone of Bluedio.

We all know Bluedio remains one of the strong brand for ear wear in China. Their operations went so huge that they are shipping from warehouses for the below countries. (Good to skip taxes)

  • US
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Australia
  • Russia
  • France
  • Brazil
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine

Pirce: $22.45

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#10 Bingle B616 Multifunction Stereo Wireless Headset [$18.12]

The Bingle B616 Wireless Headset is a pair of comfortable and hard-working set of headphones that can connect even to TV sets. There is a separate transmitter device that can be connected to the TV with a 3.5mm audio interface.

FM Radio scans pretty quickly and this budget headphone catches the wave excellently.

Quality of audio is clear, average without interference for music lovers. However, it is really suitable for those who stays in small apartments with bad soundproof. Now you can enjoy late night sitcoms or even rock concerts at full volume, without disrupting the sleep of your partner and family.

Pirce: $22.45

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Should you buy bluetooth headphones from AliExpress?

We have picked the 10 best headphones selling on AliExpress. These headphones have been personally tested by our team and picked based on the real reviews that are shown on the product description of AliExpress.

Hope you all like our selection. If you know some good headphones from AliExpress, do not hesitate to share with us by leaving a comment in the below comment section. 

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