Best 15 Jewelry Boxes on AliExpress 2021

As you go though life, it’s likely that you will collect more and more jewelry. And if you’re lucky, a lot of those jewelry are valuable (emotionally or financially). Then you need a good jewelry box to store them and make them have the longest lifespan possible. With good care, many jewelry can accompany you for life.

These good jewelry boxes aren’t the dainty little boxes of your childhood. Instead, they’re highly utilitarian with dozens of compartments and drawers – and quite look looking! Good materials are also very important to protect your dear jewelry.

Have a peek to find which design best suits you, whether it’s one focused on displayed watches or providing multiple options for your smaller pieces like earrings and rings. Necklaces should be stored in its own way since necklaces get tangled easily.

Here, the best jewelry boxes on AliExpress.

#15 Casegrace Wooden Jewelry Box with Handle

$55.61 (35% OFF)

LOVED FOR: The satin-finished wood and golden metal handle both scream luxury. Just think how stunning this would look on your vanity.

USERS SAID: “Product reached in short time. Packing is very good. I delivered flawlessly without any damage. Wood and interior finish smooth. Labor is clean. Thanks, Caserage. ”

  • Walnut wood
  • Solid wood case, leather cover with handle
  • Three-layer Independent Design
  • Fine PU Leather, waterproof and easy to care

#14 Luxury Retro Solid Wood Multilayers Jewelry Box with Lock


LOVED FOR: Valuable wood materials, Mappa burl wood. Beautiful royal paints. It’s like a work of art.

USERS SAID: “It’s really a beautiful work of art. The inside materials can protect all my jewelry items from getting scratched well. With elegant painting look, it made me have a feeling of walking into an ancient castle. ”

  • Mappa Burl wood
  • Exquisite paintings
  • Large capacity, can store necklaces, stud earrings, big hoop earrings, rings, watches, bangles, and so on.
  • Beige soft velvet inside

#13 Big 5 Layers Leather Jewelry Box

$85(18% OFF)

LOVED FOR: A very large collection of jewelry that varies in size. You’ll make quick use out of the variety of compartments.

USERS SAID: “What a terrific place for my jewelry. I have been using pouches and smaller things to hold my items. This is perfect. It’s rather large, but that’s just what I wanted.”

  • Available in other colors
  • Leather finish with suede lining
  • Beveled glass mirror in lid

#12 High-Grade Vintage Wood Jewelry Box with Lock

$43.89 (31% OFF)

LOVED FOR: The glass lid lets you easily see and beautifully display your most cherished pieces of jewelry.

USERS SAID: “I put the jewelry ones that I use a lot in it. It’s a great jewelry box and makes me happy every time when I see my favorite cherish jewelry things inside it.”

  • 100% wood
  • There’re two layers in the upper part.
  • With lock

#11 segolike Multilayer Leather Jewelry Box 

$66.72 (48% OFF)

LOVED FOR: Perfect size for every day use or a short fashion related vacation of girls who love changing jewelry items often.

USERS SAID: “It was a long parcel, but it was worth it! Packed reliably, no bruises and scuffs on the casket itself. The smell of plastic or glue is also not. Assembled perfectly! A capacious, neat assembled, pleasant materials. ”

  • Two colors, black & white
  • Light weight
  • Fine PU Leather, safe and eco-friendly

#10 Double-layer Velvet Jewelry Box

$24.42 (34% OFF)

LOVED FOR: This size is the perfect middle ground for when your collection outgrows a single-tired box but isn’t ready for a multi-tiered situation.

USERS SAID: “Beautiful casket. Pretty roomy. Made at first glance fairly neatly. A beautiful greenish color with a blue shade. Size 19×23 cm, height 9 cm. You can close to the lock, in the kit there is a key.”

  • Available in many colors
  • Lined with soft fabric that is gentle on jewelry
  • Hangers and elastic pouch for tangle-free necklace storage

#9 Mini Jewelry Box 

$4.10 (16% OFF)

LOVED FOR: With this protective yet attractive jewelry box, you can bring your jewelry on your travels with confidence and style.

USERS SAID: “Great organizer, really like it. Shiny, lacquer surface, inside sew neatly. Miniature, but spacious. Perfect solution for transporting jewelry and jewelry in travel. ”

  • Available in many colors
  • 3.94×3.94×1.85inch mini size
  • Zipper will prevent your jewelry from falling off during the travel

#8 Tall, Lockable Jewelry Box


LOVED FOR: If you don’t have much space, go vertical. The subtly curved organizer has no less than seven drawers (the top one can be locked), two necklace compartments, and a small mirror.

USERS SAID: “It makes my whole dressing room modern and fashionable immediately!”

  • Available in other colors
  • With a Large Mirror on Top Lid
  • Sturdy and Strong Wooden

#7 6 Layers Wooden Jewelry Box 

$64.50 (35% OFF)

LOVED FOR: This is a retro wooden jewellery box. Fashionable and practical. Made of high quality wood. Can hold many kinds of jewelry.

USERS SAID: “Great casket. Excellent quality. Material wood. Delivered directly to the door by courier service in four days. Everything is in integrity and safety. A perfect gift for any woman. ”

  • Available in other colors and sizes.
  • With a Large Mirror on Top Lid

#6 Large Multi-Layer Retro Wooden Jewelry Box 

$74.48 (35% OFF)

LOVED FOR: This is made for those who have an extensive jewelry collection.

USERS SAID: “The casket is very neat. The color is even. There are no scratches and chips. All corners are made perfectly. Also in the casket lie: two kinds of small napkins and a small flavored bag of natural petals.”

  • Available in other colors.
  • High quality metal

#5 Europe Luxury 10 Layer Wood Jewelry Box 

$120.41 (45% OFF)

LOVED FOR: This is another very big capacity jewelry box made for those who have an extensive jewelry collection.

USERS SAID: “Super big and can store all my jewelry items. I put seldom use jewelry in it and bought another small one to put everyday use jewelry. Now my table is so tidy.”

  • Available in other colors.
  • High quality wood materials
  • Super big size

#4 3 Layers Large Space Velvet Jewelry Box

$44.65 (53% OFF)

LOVED FOR: This large, glamorous box is especially fantastic for those with many rings and earrings. 

USERS SAID: “ust a chic, huge jewelry box, came in perfect condition, buy without hesitation from this seller, delivery is super fast, the best item on Ali, as a gift put hair bands, thank you seller!!!!!!! ”

  • Available in other colors
  • Large capacity
  • Good velvet materials protecting your jewelry

#3 New Style Leather Watch & Jewelry Box 

$20.35 (36% OFF)

LOVED FOR: This is a special designed style for the ones who have several watches and valuable bangles.

USERS SAID: “It’s an add to my whole jewelry line.”

  • Available in other colors.
  • Small size

#2 Creative Leather Two Layers Jewelry Box 

$26.50 (50% OFF)

LOVED FOR: The size is enough for every day use. Very convent to take out and put in.

USERS SAID: “Box very nice, carefully made, fast delivery”

  • Available in other colors.
  • Affordable price

#1 Casegrace Large Capacity PU Leather Jewelry Box 

$26.94 (32% OFF)

LOVED FOR: Best practical design, best price!

USERS SAID: “Comfortable box made of durable material. The top is dark faux leather matte, the inside is light fabric under velvet. In the middle of two retractable compartments. Wide rings are not very fit in the room for rings. The quality is good, nothing hangs and does not fall out. ”

  • Available in other colors
  • HD Makeup Mirror
  • Large Capacity
  • No 1 in our top 15 list

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