Best 3 Hair Dryers on Amazon 2022: For Fine and Thick Hair

If you want a good hair everyday, a good hair dryer is one must for you. A good hair dryer should be suitable for your own hair and save time.

All hair dryers have two basic functions, to dry and to style your hair. With the correct temperature settings or attachments, you can achieve that salon worthy blow dry in your own bedroom.

Whether you are looking to dry your hair as quickly as possible, want to create a shiny straight look or define your gorgeous natural curls, there’s a perfect hair dryer for you.

We’ve rounded up 3 of the best hair dryers onAmazon, and as always there’s something to suit every budget, as well as every hair type.

Which hair dryer is right for me?

When choosing your hair dryer, you need to think about your hair type.

If you have fine hair then it can easily be damaged by heat – and you could also quickly burn your head, so it’s important to look for a hair dryer which offers cold temperature and variable settings.

If you have thick hair then your hair can still be damaged by heat if you are drying your hair for too long, so look for a hair dryer that has high wattage to move air through your hair quicker – resulting in quicker drying.

If you have curly hair then the best hair dryers for you are the ones that come with diffuser attachments. These have been designed specifically to enchance your natural style.

If you have frizzy hair then look for a hair dryer which has ionic technoloy and a cool shot button which will stop added humidity from making your hair static.

What other styling products can I use?

If you want to enchance your style further, you can use a curling tool or a straightening tool. Each of these can help you to achieve more defined results than just using a hair dryer alone.

We have rounded up several of the best hair curling tools and also the top hair straightners, so you can see the right ones for you at a glance – and buy them in the click of a button.

#1 Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer

$73.15 (27% OFF)

Best hair dryer under $100

This hair dryer comes with three attachments; a diffuser nozzle, a standard nozzle and a quick dry nozzle

The diffuser nozzle is ideal for creating beautifully defined curls which reduces frizz and dryness for silky, smooth styling.

The quick dry nozzle, as the name suggests, is for powerful quick drying, while the standard nozzle is for controlled drying and is typically best for straight styles.

There’s a choice of 3 speed settings and 4 temperature settings so you can control the speed and temperature to match the condition of your hair or styling needs and preferences

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#2 The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush 


Best round-barrel hair-dryer brush

Multiple hairstylists call out this Drybar hair-dryer brush for its ability to create an “exceptional blowout look.” Amazon reviewers are just as impressed. “I have long, thick, curly hair and have always struggled with getting a good style with just a blow-dryer,” begins one five-star reviewer. “Now I get a professional salon look in less than 15 minutes! This has been life changing!” While most admit this is an expensive option, dozens of reviewers say it’s “worth the money.” One who tried two less expensive models says their “hair wouldn’t come out shiny after using either one, and the frizz would still be noticeable. With the Drybar, my hair stays shiny, and it keeps the style well even after a day or so.” A third reviewer who admits this was a “3 a.m. caffeine-wired impulse buy” happily reports, “I have no regrets!! This thing makes my hair like a magical, soft, shiny waterfall, like the kind you see in shampoo ads.” They add that it’s “ridiculously easy to use and has different temperature settings for those of us who swear we’re going to stop using heat.”

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#3 Professional Ionic Blow Dryer



We love the way this easy-to-maneuver Sam Villa hair dryer feels in our hands — and how our short hair looks after using it. “It provides a shiny, salon-caliber look in no time that was what truly blew me (and my hair) away,” she says. “It turns out my hairstylist has been using this one for years, which made me happy that I followed my instincts.” An Amazon reviewer agrees: “It dries my hair in a fraction of a second and I’m pretty sure my hair breaks a lot less now.”

Wattage: 1,750
Attachments: Two concentrators
Number of speed settings: 2
Number of heat settings: 3
Weight: 1.19 lb.
Cool shot button: Yes

Why We Love It

  • Salon quality
  • Easy to use on short hair
  • Lightweight

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