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Best 5 AirPod Replicas on AliExpress (September 2019)

by Helen

Since AirPods’ launch in 2016, it has been sweeping the whole digital market all these 3 years and keep growing everyday. With the recent launch of AirPods 2 in 2019 Feb, people’s craze to buy AirPods has increased hugely. Very fancy looking, super practical earphone functions, great music sound especially for music lovers of high base and high pitch.

The only problem with AirPods is its high price. Real Apple AirPods 2 cost $199 retail for the wireless charging and $159 for the non wireless charing. But don’t worry, if you’re on a budget, you can find AirPods replicas with very low effective cost and even some additional features on AliExpress.

Best 5 AirPod Replicas on AliExpress (June 2019)

We review best 5 AirPod clones from AliExpress ($15.88-$29.91). You can easily select the one of your choice from the below lists. Some of the below AirPods clones are even better than the latest Apple Airpods 2!

No.1 i30 TWS 1:1 Airpod Clone, $27.44 (Launched 1st week of May 2019)

The Best AirPod Clone on AliExpress June 2019 so far


i30 TWS Airpod clone is the best alternative to the real Airpods. It has beated dozens of fake AirPods on AliExpress and become the best-selling one with highest rating (4.6 out of 5.0, 582 votes so far).




i30 TWS AirPod clone comes with W1 chip with 5 seconds pop up speed. 

With pop up display, touch sensors, enhanced bass and excellent audio quality, i30 TWS AirPod clone is perfect as the alternative to real AirPods and there is nothing for us to pick on.

BUY for $27.44 Now

No.2 i60 TWS 1:1 Airpod Clone, $29.91 (Launched on May 2019, Selling Fast on AliExpress)

Improved version of i30 TWS

Overall rating: 4.7 out of 5.0, 409 votes so far

i6o TWS Airpod clone is the newest product of TWS Airpod clone series. 

With 1:1 size, i60 TWS Airpod clone looks exactly like real Apple Airpods. With W1 chip Bluetooth technology, tap sensor control and built in microphone, you can easily increase / lower volumes, skip / pause tracks, answer or reject phone call. No LED light on the earbud and the both earbuds can work separately.

2.5 hours of non-stop playing time, support Qi wireless charging. Unlike many other cheap fake Airpods selling online, i60 TWS Airpod clone’s pop up animation can indicates the correct battery level for both the Airpod clones and charger case. This is very important for its users now. When not in use, you can put the Airpods back to the charger box to keep the AirPods charged and safe.

BUY for $29.91 Now

No.3 i20 TWS 1:1 Airpod Clone, $28.70

The highest rated AirPod Clone on AliExpress.

(Overall rating: 4.9 out of 5.0, 33 votes so far)




The i20 TWS AirPod clone is the highest rated AirPod replicas selling on AliExpress. It can be easily connected to iPhone. No LED lights. The size is smaller and thinner than earlier TWS versions.

BUY for $28.70 Now

No.4 & No.5, i14 TWS and i10 TWS

(cheap prices less than $20 and selling very well on AliExpress)

The below 2 AirPods clones are with less than $20 prices. Both of them sell very well for their high cost performances. If the top three are still not affordable for you, try these two ones.

My other finds about AirPods clones.

1.  About Supercopy 1:1

There’re many ones who’re promoting AirPods replicas with the name of Supercopy 1:1. These Supercopy 1:1 AirPods replicas sell with higher prices. To tell the truth, by compared to other great AirPods replicas, Supercopy 1:1 usually means the replicas with original Apple logos and packagings. It suits wholesalers better. If you’re only a retailer, I suggest you buy the Top 3 AirPods clones we reviewed in this article. There is no need for you to pay extra money just to get an Apple logo.

2. About i13 TWS AirPods

Forget i13 TWS AirPods. There’re many YouTubers and tech bloggers who’re promoting i13 TWS. They all say it’s good, it’s cheap, it’s powerful, it’s same as real Apple AirPods. But after checking the i13 TWS on AliExpress. Wow, too many bad reviews. Quickly discharge, no super bass, flat sound, a lot of disconnected with Bluetooth, not charge, and so on. The overall rating is also very low, just 4.2 out of 5.0. So forget i13 TWS and find another good one!

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