Best 5 Car Heaters on AliExpress 2021 | $50 Super Powerful Car Heaters

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Best Car Heater Seller on AliExpress

Store Name: Yisi Store

Store Description: Yisi Store is the best portable car heater store on AliExpress for trucks, cars and every other automobile that needs heating!

Price range: $20 – $120

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This year’s winter is getting super cold in a few places, including US, Canada and Russia. Every family needs a professional car heater in case.

Best 5 Car Heaters on AliExpress 2021

#1 – The 12V 5KW Car Heater


If you own multiple vehicles and need to keep your vehicle warm in super cold climates, then you need a powerful heater. This heater can heat buses, vans, pickup trucks, big trucks, small trucks and cars. Here are some of its features

  • Eliminates window frost
  • Keeps the insides of your vehicle warm and toasty
  • Can be used at high altitudes, even at 1500 metres above sea level
  • It consumes less fuel and it has low emissions
  • It is very easy to install
  • You can dismantle and re-attach it when you want to move it to another vehicle
  • It runs on diesel which is more cost-efficient
  • It is 39cms in length, 14cms in width and 15cms in height

Price – $119.88

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#2 12V 5000W Portable Car Heater

If you are in a super cold climate, low power isn’t sufficient. Sometimes the cold is so biting and vicious that even the heater becomes cold. So what do you do in situations like that?

You need to get a powerhouse!

The 12V, 5000W, diesel-based car heater is sure to keep you nice and warmed up during the super cold months.

It can work pretty well even in extremely cold conditions such as – 40 degrees. This is a pretty big heater that can be used in trucks, buses, vans and cars. So if you have multiple vehicles and they need to be heated, this is a perfect choice.

It works on diesel and it consumes very less diesel.

Price – $119

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#3 Remote Control Power Heater

Some power heaters come with a lot of features, but some come with remotes like the next one in our list. It has 5KW and 12V power. It can be used at home, buses, minivans and cars of course. It works on diesel power and it can even work in sub-freezing temperatures even up to – 40 degrees. There is an option to use remote control and installation is required.

This is the kind of device that can run even in the summers just as a ventilator because of the fan that is installed within.

There is a timer option to turn it on or off. You can choose to run it for an hour and ten minutes if you so wish and it will get turned off after that.

Price – $110.52

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#4 12V 150W Portable Car Heater

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#5 Universal 12V/24V Electric Car Heater

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Are Portable Car Heaters Safe?

Portable car heaters are absolutely safe to use, but it depends on the kind of heater that you actually use. A propane heater is an absolute no no as there is a risk of it catching fire, but on  the other hand, a portable 12V heater is absolutely fine to use. If you want the safest and the best portable heaters for your car, look at the options above.

Are there any heaters that run on battery?

Heaters aren’t too advanced yet and most of them that run on battery cannot last for a long time. But in the future, you will find better battery operated heaters in the market!

Is it a must-have to have a portable car heater?

In tropical climates, in the winter, if you feel really cold, then the heater in your car is probably sufficient. But in locations where it’s sub-zero temperatures and freezing, then it’s probably very important to have a car heater because otherwise a lot of of your equipment can freeze up. Your driving experience is also probably way better when your car is heated.

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