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Best 7 Cute and Functional Kids’ Backpacks for Traveling

by Helen

It’s important to bring your kids to see the world through their own eyes. This why we keep traveling often with Sophia. When we travel abroad with kids, it’s necessary to prepare a cute and functional travel backpack for our kid to carry his or her treasures and toys. During the trip, he or she can put some small toys, stickers or new trip findings into his or her own backpack.

Frankly speaking, whether it’s for travel or for school, it’s important to find a toddler or kids backpack. A good kids backpack should have the right size for kids’ smaller frames, be durable and easy to care for, and also allows them show a bit of their own personality with fun colors and prints. Check out these backpacks for toddlers and kids that are cute, functional and perfect for travel.

Best 7 Cute and Functional Kids’ Backpacks for Traveling

#7 Cool Dinosaur Kids Backpack

This kids backpack is with very 3d dinosaur appearance. It’s made of polyester, safe, non-toxic, easy to wash and clean. The size is 20cm in width and 27cm in height. The weight is 0.16kg, very light. Due to its special shape, kids can only put some small toys, regular books, water bottles, sunglasses, wet tissues, etc. It’s on a sale now, just $6.29 (65% off)! Four colors available, black, blue, orange and pink. Both boys and girls will love it!

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#6 3D Model Shark Kids Backpack

This 3D kids backpack is very popular among little boys. Made of canvas, very light and comfortable, totally safe and environmental. SO COOL! Please notice there’re two sizes, big and small; two colors, black and grey. If for young boys less than 6, buy him the small size. As for colors, most people choose grey. The price is $9.70 (46% off) now!

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#5 Cute Cartoon Plush Backpack

The material of this cute cartoon plush backpack is close to food grade standard and very light. The size is 9.06inch in height and 8.27 in width. I don’t think kids can use it for school bag since it can only hold several small things like small toys. Since it’s plush style, it’s better for kids to wear it in spring, autumn and winter instead of summer. It may be hot for summer wearing. There’re 27 pattern styles of this backpack. The price is super affordable, only $4.49(10% off) now!

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#4 Cute Dinosaurs Patterns Backpack

This cute kids backpack is designed with dinosaurs patterns and available in three colors, blue, green and pink. The size is 7.9*4.7*10.2inch. The main backpack body material is nylon and the lining is polyester fiber. Due to its materials, this cute dinosaurs patterns kids backpack is abrasion resistant, waterproof, anti-theft, shock proof and breathable. It can reduce burden as well. The whole backpack weight is very light. Only $6.49 (35% off) now!

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#3 Cute Stars Printing Nylon Backpack

Comparing to the #5 and #4 kids backpacks, this cute stars patterning backpack is with a lager capacity. Its general size is 24*11*32cm. But it’s still very lightweight, only 0.21kg. The main material is nylon. If your kids is 4+ and you want to practice his or her outdoor living abilities, you can consider this stars pattering backpack. There’re 4 colors available for you, blue, green, red and black. The price is $8.40 (48% off) now!

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#2 Cute Anti-lost Cartoon Bear Backpack

I’m not sure the design pattern is a bear since it looks like a dog more. This kids backpack suits toddlers better since it has an anti-loss strap. The main material is safe nylon. The weight is very light, just 0.18kg. The size is right, suit toddlers’ small frames well, 21cm in height and 26cm in width. There’re four colors available for you to choose, pink, red, navy blue and sky blue. There is only one zipper to open the backpack. The price is $6.71 (52% off) now!

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#1 Fashion Sequins Kids Backpack with Wings

This kids backpack looks like it was designed for little girls who have the nature for beauty and fashion. The size is 23cm in height and 21cm in width. The available colors are black, white, silver, pink, red and violet. The main material is polyester so its weight may be heavier than backpacks made of nylon. But not that heavy. 0.32 kg. The price is a little higher than other common kids backpacks we shared in this article for its more complicated designs and various materials, $11.99(35% off) now!

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