Best Affordable AliExpress Hair Vendors

Everyday I browse popular hair forums, hair blogs, Instagram hair guru’s new posts, Youtube hair review videos for finding latest quality AliExpress hair items and other hair products with positive feedbacks. I also went to some big hair factories for finding the real truth details of human hair extensions & wigs. AliExpress Hair Sellers.

Among all, I love Youtube most since it’s most useful to help to decide if the Aliexpress hair vendor I’m considering is reliable or not. Everyday I browse unlimited Youtube hair video reviews  and check most popular AliExpress hair products’  latest customer feedbacks (positive or negative). I wrote this post to help girls can buy quality hair extensions & wigs from highest-ranking reliable Top AliExpress vendors easily. Check to see if there’re some good vendors you still don’t know now. AliExpress Hair Sellers.

I divide all these popular AliExpress hair vendors into 4 kinds: A-List, Rising Stars, Tested Hair Sellers and New Babes. A-List AliExpress hair vendors means the highest-ranking stores that have been built for several years, got many many positive customer reviews and you can easily find information about them everywhere. Rising Stars of Best AliExpress Hair Sellers List refer to the stores that have been built not very long but develops very quickly for its quality and budget hair extensions. Tested Hair Sellers refer to the stores that have been suggested and tested by girls who had sent their hair reviews and feedback to me by email or leaving a comment. New Babes refer to the new AliExpress hair sellers that often offer different types of hair extensions or cheaper prices.  If you have some other good hair vendors not included in the below list to recommend, do not hesitateto  leave a comment below or send an email to me via Sharing is always caring. AliExpress Hair Sellers.

guangzhou new star virgin hair reviews

Rules that we should keep in mind all the time:

  1. A good AliExpress hair vendor never changes its name. (AliExpress hair vendors that change their names without any reasons such as NO LONGER selling hair will be removed from the following list.)
  2. If you want to share your AliExpress hair shopping experiences especially bad ones with other girls, you’d better explain the details along with pictures since I found some hair vendors are slandering their competitors recently through commenting. (To all AliExpress hair vendors: Please FOLLOW the good business rules consciously.)

A-List AliExpress Hair Vendors 

Recomendded AliExpress Hair Sellers

(Store Name, Feedback Leve, Shop Link)

Good AliExpress Hair Sellers

( Rising Stars)

(Store Name, Feedback Leve, Shop Link)

Tested OK AliExpress Hair Sellers

(Store Name, Feedback Leve, Shop Link)

New Babes (Cheaper, Good)

(Store Name, Feedback Leve, Shop Link)


You can find many types of human hair extensions & wigs on AliExpress with good quality and very budget prices, including Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian, etc. AliExpress Hair Sellers

Among all these human hair extensions & wigs, Brazilian and Peruvian sell best. AliExpress Hair Sellers

Keywords we often use to search AliExpress hair reviews online:

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AliExpress Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair sells best on AliExpress for its super good hair quality. You can use Brazilian hair extensions to apply any hairstyles you like. It can bring you a very natural hair look.

AliExpress Queen Hair

When we say AliExpress queen hair, we often mean the AliExpress hair sellers with Queen in their store names, like Ali Queen, Queen Hair Products, Sunny Queen, Summer Queen, etc. These AliExpress hair sellers are very popular since they sell quality hair items with very budget prices.

If you pay extra attention, you can find that many AliExpress hair sellers like to add QUEEN in there hair extensions’ product titles. Even some other kinds of AliExpress sellers like bags or shoes also add Queen Hair into their products name for attracting new customers.

AliExpress Virgin Hair

AliExpress virgin hair are natural hair without human processing. Girls like shopping virgin hair extensions from AliExpress for more natural hair quality and easy-to-style feature. AliExpress Hair Sellers

AliExpress Weave

AliExpress hair weave sells very well since all girls like good-looking hair lock or black natural straight hair. Hair weave is easy to apply and care for.

AliExpress Peruvian Hair

AliExpress Peruvian hair are very professional, their hair is with very high hair quality and super popular in the hair market.

AliExpress Wigs

Besides AliExpress human hair extensions, girl also like shopping human hair wigs with latest hair color trends and hairstyles, long or short. By compared to hair extensions, wigs are very easy to apply. Even without any hair technique, you just wear it like a cap.

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