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How air fryers work and which are their benefits

If you cook fried products regularly, buying an air fryer is a great idea, since you can cook in a healthier way. However, those of us who have small kitchens or have spent years avoiding consuming fried foods have more doubts when it comes to purchasing one.

These types of fryers actually have many advantages. Besides being able to prepare foods with a crunchy finish with fewer calories, you can also make other preparations with them. They can work at a temperature of up to 200ºC, which allows preparing all kinds of recipes.

The main advantage is that these fryers use almost no oil, just a teaspoon is enough for the food to cook in a “crisp” way. Therefore we will reduce the fat in our dishes, they use less electricity and cook up to 70% faster.

Its operation consists of a flow of hot air that circulates constantly, causing the little oil in the food to expand over the entire surface, thus achieving a crunchy texture on the outside. You can prepare baked meat, vegetables, fried foods, fish, and even desserts.

Best Air Fryer Sellers on AliExpress

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FAQ about air fryers. What to consider before buying

These types of fryers have become in high demand, but are relatively little known. So we are going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the operation and maintenance of these air fryers.

How to clean your air fryer?

The basket base should be cleaned after each use. It has a non-stick finish that prevents food from sticking. Still, most of them can be washed in the dishwasher.

What advantages do they have compared to a conventional oven?

A way of avoiding using tons of oil is to cook in the oven. However, an oven uses between 1.200 and 2.000 W and consumes a lot of power, besides, it takes a lot to cook the food since the inner space is usually pretty big. Most air fryers have an oven function, but they consume half in terms of power and they cook faster.

Which size do I need?

At the moment of choosing an air fryer, it is important to look at the basket capacity, which is what will determine the amount of food you can prepare. A 2,5-liter capacity is adequate for two, whereas if your family has about 4 members or you prepare lots of food, is better to look for a 5-liter air fryer.

Are air fryers healthy?

The reason they are called “healthy” fryers is that you can cook foods with a fried finish using a small amount of oil compared to conventional fryers. Just one teaspoon is enough, the fryer will distribute this oil over the entire surface of the food.

Which recipes can I do with an air fryer?

Nowadays, there are tons of cooking blogs and websites that post recipes with oil-free friers. Thanks to some accessories we can make almost anything: omelets, churros, stewed meat, muffins… Besides, with a little imagination, you will be able to adapt and create your own recipes.

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