Best Alibaba Clothing Vendors (Updated 2021)

I’ve been buying and reviewing products from Alibaba for many years and I have helped assist many potential customers with their buying decisions from Alibaba.

Alibaba’s position as the biggest wholesaler and supplier is undisputed. You can find suppliers for almost any product, but finding the right supplier can be a bit tricky.

Finding clothing vendor is even harder because it’s a matter of taste and style that is added to the selection process apart from the quality and other deliverables.

It’s a skill to pick the right sellers and I’ll tech you the skills, that will help you whenever you source products!

To become professional at buying clothes on Alibaba, please scroll to the end of the article.

What you need to know about sourcing clothing from Alibaba and finding the right clothing vendors

  1. You can filter the sellers based on where they are the most popular. If you are looking to source clothes and to sell predominantly in the North American market, then you need to filter sellers who have the highest sales in North America. This helps in picking the sellers who know the intricacies of selling in that region.
  2. The Revenue level of each seller, tells you how big they are. Reaching out to big sellers with small orders might not work out, but they more often than not give you the best economies of scale and best cost per apparel unit.
  3. If you are looking for certain pre-requisite certification standards for your supplier, you can filter that out as well. The top certifications are ISO9001, BSCI, ISO14001 and more.
  4. Ensure all the suppliers you deal with have the ‘Trade Assurance logo and the Verified Supplier logo. Trade Assurance means your money is protected from start to finish of the buying process and Verified suppliers are only high quality suppliers that have been verified by Alibaba.
  5. We cover both OEM sellers, that is sellers who make the clothing based on your specifications and ODM sellers who have ready made clothing that can be branded under your brand name.
  6. The Star Level shows the quality of the seller – 1 star doesn’t mean they are bad, it just means that on some parameters they haven’t ranked much. For a seller with 5 star rating, they are ranked well on customer support, packaging and other aspects too.

Best Alibaba Clothing Vendors 2021

#1 SiyinGhong Garment – Supplier with the best response rate

Siyinghong is a three star level clothing supplier on Alibaba. They have the distinction of being the clothing supplier with the fastest and best response rate. So if you want a supplier who is prompt and quick, this company is at the top.

Response rate is one thing and the quality of the products is another. In terms of clothing, they are known for their women’s clothing.

They make dresses, jackets, onesies, tops, athleisure, casual tops, jump suits, swimwear, bottoms and more. The minimum order for their products on average is two pieces.

In terms of style, it’s the latest clothing and latest fashion. They design their own clothing and styles in-house and are open to customizations and other things.

In terms of women’s clothing, they are one of the top vendors on Alibaba.

Check out the store on Alibaba

#2 Foshan Bestex Textile Company – Supplier with the highest sales in the past 6 months

Foshan Bestex Textile Company have a lot of things going for them. Firstly, they are one of the best selling suppliers on Alibaba in the last 6 month period with over $2 Million in sales and B2B orders.

Apart from that, they are also a Level 4 Star seller, which is pretty rare and shows a lot about the quality of clothing.

They’ve been around for 8 years and deal primarily with yoga wear, athletic clothing, body suits, sports bras, shorts and similar clothing.

What makes Foshan one of the best is, the athelisure, athletic clothing segment on Alibaba is one of the most competitive. If you searched for apparel on Alibaba, you will mostly see sellers who sell athletic clothing.

One of their best selling products is Yoga pants. They make different styles and types!

Check out the store on Alibaba

#3 Fujia New Shiying – Shewin

One of the biggest clothing vendors in the North America market is Fujian New Shiying. Their main clothing items include swimwear, womens tops, womens dresses, lingerie, jeans and much more.

They have close to 300 employees and can handle large scale operations. They are a 4 Star level seller, which makes them very exclusive.

They have a two-piece, minimum order quantity. In terms of variety, they are slightly hard to beat as they sell numerous clothing items. They make clothing for plus size as well.

In terms of styles, I believe their styles represent an international style and are perfectly suited for the North American market.

You don’t have to think twice about the designs in this shop. They have a 94.4% on-time delivery rate.

Check out the store on Alibaba

#4 Donguan Humen Yihao – Oldest Supplier

This clothing vendor on Alibaba has the distinction of being one of the oldest vendors on the platform. They are a verified supplier with a certification from TUV Rhineland.

They are a 3-star seller. One downside to this seller is their response rate, which is sub-90%, hovering around 88%.

Their main category is anything under the sun that includes Blouse, coats, bodysuits and more. They are also one of the top sellers in maternity clothes.

The minimum order is also a problem with around 100 pieces of any clothing that you purchase. But you can request samples.

Their dresses and bomber jackets for women are amazing.

Check out the store on Alibaba

#5 Weihai Textile Group

The Weihai Textile group is one of the rare suppliers in men’s clothing. They deal in shirts, t-shirts, shorts, pants, pajamas, jackets and more.

Although they deal predominantly in men’s clothing, they’ve recently started expanding to women’s clothing.

They have a 92% response rate and they have a 4-star level supplier rating. They have more than 1,000 employees and are meant for larger orders.

Some of their units have a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces. But mostly the average is 500 pieces of 1000 pieces. This is obviously negotiable.

The men’s shorts are quite popular from this seller.

Check out the store on Alibaba

#6 Binhar

In Alibaba’s list of recommended clothing vendors, Binhar is number one. They take about 5 to 10 days to make the samples after getting a sketch from the customer. That is a pretty good turnaround time.

They are a 3 star supplier. In terms of styles and design. In my opinion, they are one of the best. They sell party dresses, evening dresses, swimwear, crop tops, sportswear and much more.

They have a minimum quantity of 50 pieces. If you are looking for Zara like fashion clothing, this store should be your pick.

Check out the store on Alibaba

#7 Ningbo Princess and Pea

I haven’t covered a lot of children’s clothing vendors on Alibaba because of the lack of quality sellers. But the Ningo Princess & Pea. They’ve been around for 5 years and their biggest market is North America that constitutes 80% of their orders.

What makes them amazing? They are 5-star suppliers with a 97% response rate and response time under 24 hours.

What’s a bit weird is, they have women’s clothes mixed in with Children’s clothes, but they mostly deal with baby and children’s clothes.

Even for Children clothes, they are a dedicated manufacturer of girl kids clothes and they don’t manufacture clothes for boys.

Their rompers for toddlers are also pretty amazing!

Check out the store on Alibaba

#8 Guangzhou Weixin

Five star sellers are pretty rare to come by and Guangzhou Weixin is one of them. They have over 200 people in their factory and are a Verified supplier.

They were established in 1995 and ship clothing all over the world. Because they are a big factory, the minimum order quantity is 50 pieces.

They make dresses, tops, bodysuits, sweaters, cardigans and more. What makes them one of my favourites?

Their style of clothing and branding looks like a high-end brands like Burberry and Marks & Spencers. It has a more modern boutique feel.

They are super fashionable, stylish and very premium. They have 200+ dress styles and are one of the best picks for bulk orders without a doubt.

Check out the store on Alibaba

#9 Angle Cloth

If you are looking for either an OEM or an ODM seller, Angle Cloth can do both. They’ve been around since 2005 and they are known for their super fast shipping.

So what’s Angle Cloth known for? Fast fashion! They are one of the best fast fashion sellers on Alibaba.

They sell dresses, hoodies, tops, jackets that are super reasonably priced. They do custom work, as well as readymade clothes that can be bought off the shelves.

Check out the store on Alibaba

How do I order clothes from Alibaba?

After a clothing choice has been made, find out the seller and their terms. Some have a minimum order quantity of 1 piece or 2 pieces and some have a MOQ of 50 to 100 pieces. If you want a sample, then speak to the seller and communicate the price and other details. It’s tough to get a free sample, unless you are truly able to convince the seller that you are legitimate.

You can also register at the Free Sample Center by Alibaba to get the product samples.

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