Best AliExpress Blonde Hair Store: FaceBeauty

AliExpress FaceBeauty Blonde Hair Store  only sells #613 blonde human hair, including straight/body wave/curly/kinky curly/deep wave/natural wavy hair bundles, closures, frontals and lace wigs. It has 100 percent satisfaction for its buyers.

Why I Listed It Here?

It’s the first AliExpress hair store which sells only one kind of human hair. Only selling #613 blonde hair means it’s very professional at #613 blonde hair. I checked its customer comments, all are satisfied with the hair quality, seller service and delivery time. This is rare!!! I was totally attracted by it, AliExpress FaceBeauty Blonde Hair Store (

My Personal Guessings

AliExpress FaceBeauty Blonde Hair Store is not a hair factory since there is no factory who will only produce one kind of human hair products. I guess it should be a small hair company who has very good relationship with many Chinese hair factories and can find the best blonde hair in current hair market. Their selling hair may be custom made by these hair factories based on FaceBeauty’s own standards and needs.

Why We Should Buy From FaceBeauty?

No matter it’s a hair factor or a small hair company, we only care if we can receive good quality hair with reasonable prices. So who can provide us good hair with cheap prices, we will buy from them.

AliExpress FaceBeauty Blonde Hair Store Link:

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